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(Existing character)Pitch Kick

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1(Existing character)Pitch Kick Empty (Existing character)Pitch Kick on Mon Jul 04, 2016 4:30 pm

Name (Character): Pitch Kick
SL Login Name: expeditiouspony
Age: 30
Languages Spoken (You may choose two to start with.): Common, High Northern
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Pegasus
Cutie Mark (If Applicable): A stylized Tsiolkovsky rocket equation.
Allegiance/Faction (If Applicable): "Ex"-Enclave
Appearance (Image or short description.)A slightly stout pegasus mare, with a purple coat and hair of two similar colors. Her eyes are grey, and she is seen wearing a white enclave uniform nearly constantly.
Character Tagged Skills (Select 3. http://tinyurl.com/zn78ftv )
Energy Guns, Flight, Science
Character Perks - General: Computer Whiz, Magictechologist, Cybernetic Destroyer
Character Perks - Racial: Flash Sculpting, Flight (Rank 2) ,Strafing Run
Starting Gear (Maximum of 5 points worth.)
T5 Plasma Pistol(R), T0 A, T0 M, T0 S.

Biography/Brief History:

Her instruments detected strange fluctuations. Her team had reviewed it hundreds of times over, and it was all but confirmed what had happened. Reality was, apparently, breaking down. Quantum threads were unraveling, at a small rate though a noticeable rate regardless.

She paces around the room, thinking deeply on this matter. The past few months for her had been very interesting-After being stonewalled by the Southwestern contingent of the Enclave, known as the 13th expeditionary, she had requested transfer back to the germaneigh division, where she had called home. Her science team, normally delegating themselves to the advancement of rocketry, had instead taken to observing small quantum fluctuations. Normally, such a thing would be of no concern, but the result they were seeing appeared such as that systems were appearing and vanishing without any reasonable explanation.

She stops her pondering, pacing toward a map. They had just finished triangulating the source of these measurements- they were localized in one area. As she realizes where it was, her eyes widen. Something had woken up, something that would force the Enclave's hand. Summoning her best entourage, she heads toward the region.

From there, what happens is a mystery...

(Previous Bio)
At 0900 hours on the dot, the roar of an old world weapon breaks the normally quiet morning air in what was normally an somewhat isolated part of Enclave airspace Germaneigh. It was a weapon whose principles quite a lot older than the war itself. In reality it was quite a simple thing, almost deceptively.
It used exploding fuels to propel itself upwards, acting on some of the most basic laws in the universe. It was shaped carefully to maximize it's speed- the fact it was already high up aiding it's flight.
The cheers of the crowd of scientists who spent 9 years of their lives getting this to work nearly rivaled the roar of the rocket itself. Pitch Kick, the leader of this group, had lead herself and her team to turn a weapon of war into a weapon of peace. Though, of course, it still furthered the Enclave's goals in her mind. She believed that one day, the pegasus race would have to leave the planet of Equus behind, to ensure their survival. She had spent nine years of her life learning how to repair, maintain this rocket's coding, along with the normal Enclave military training...
This was her magnum opus- her life's greatest achievement. She should have felt pride, seeing the once horrific weapon of war soar into the sky. But what she did amounted little more than making a firework not explode. She was not satisfied despite all of her work.
Despite her team's jubilation, she resigned herself to pursue something greater. The rocket she got to work before was nothing but exploding gunpowder- tech that even the ancient neighponese had. She desired something greater...
As if fate decided to grant her wish, one of her subordinates plopped down a fat file of information for her- she discovered that Enclave scouts had discovered a rocket that contained a megaspell onboard of it- but that wasn't what got her attention.
The engines had clear signs of being liquid fueled. She knew that with proper jury-rigging and hard work, she could get it working for a better purpose. For the good of the entire pegasus race.
With a new found determination, she requested a transfer to the diablo canyon base. It took some time, but the request went though. Her and some of her team were allowed, though some others still yet needed to be admitted to the base.
As she arrives to the desolate region, she has but one goal in mind- secure that rocket. She would go from there. And do anything to make it happen.

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