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Existing character: Raven

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1Existing character: Raven Empty Existing character: Raven on Thu Jun 30, 2016 1:59 pm

Name: Raven SL Login Name: Nightsteam (resident)

Age: 20 when she got converted, at this point in time not even she knows how old she is anymore. still has the same mentality.

Gender: female

Species/Race: Changeling

Appearance:  A changeling with normal changeling body color like in the show, purple mane and tail on it, purple eyes, purple magic.

Character Skills: melee, sneak, unarmed

Character Perks - General: infiltrator, Backstabber, Tribal warrior

Character Perks - Racial: Captain of the guard, split personality, Hypnotise.

Skills: Please wipe her skills clean, i'll figure this out later.

Gear : T5 everything

Biography/Brief History  
Raven was just your typical slaver. Ambushing and capturing ponies for a living.. add a little bit of psychopath into the mix and it's exactly her. however. she had quite the bad luck. When she tried to ambush a pony on her own the pony turned out to be a changeling and managed to overpower them, ending with her getting converted by that changeling and being left behind as a payback for trying to gank them. She never has been able to accept the fact that she is a changeling now, to a point it turned into a serious mental thing. nowdays she only walks around in the disguise of her old self, trying to continue her previous life as a slaver and trying to kill those that find out about her being a changeling.

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