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Character Profile: Alessia (Previously existing DC character)

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Name (Character): Alessia
SL Login Name: Gwendolyn Gracemount
Age: 193 years
Languages Spoken (You may choose two to start with.)
Options: Common, Low Common, Feral, Zebrican, High Northern, Changeling
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Kirin
Cutie Mark (If Applicable): N/A
Allegiance/Faction (If Applicable): N/A

Appearance (Image or short description.):
Character Profile: Alessia (Previously existing DC character) Ali_002_by_mercyamour-d9xckam

Character Tagged Skills: Flight, Melee, Medicine.

Character Perks - General: Celestial Aid, Leader, Tastes Good to Me.

Character Perks - Racial (pegasus): 10 seconds flat, Evasion, Fancy Flying

Starting Gear: N/A (Existing Character)

Biography/Brief History
Alessia made the long journey from Roanoak with her friends and family, much to her dismay as she had to say goodbye to the home home which she had built with Cinnamon Text, one she thought would have been the place to raise their new born son. Alessia braved many perils along the way with her group until they reached their destination, hopefully this place will do better than the last?

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Character Approved 6/22/2016
Database Updated

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