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Existing Character: Torchlight

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1Existing Character:  Torchlight Empty Existing Character: Torchlight on Tue Oct 25, 2016 8:24 pm

Name (Torchlight)
SL Login Name (Onishi1)
Age (27)
Languages Spoken (Common 100%, Zebrican 50%, High Northern 50%)
Gender (fem/ Mare)
Species/Race (Pony\ Earth Pony)
Cutie Mark (Flaming Skull with Barbed Wire)
Allegiance/Faction (None)
Appearance (https://i.gyazo.com/895bd00ff239fac7fb50f15662d504a2.png)
Character Tagged Skills (Big Guns, Explosives, Medicine)
Character Perks - General
(Leader, Grunt, Jury Rigging)
Character Perks - Racial
(Adrenaline Rush, Tremendous Strength, Juggerpony)
Book Perk
(Don't Worry I'm an Expert)
Starting Gear (6A, 6R, 6M, 6S)
Biography/Brief History:
Born to a pair of farmers in a small agricultural settlement and given the name Candle Wick, She lived a fairly normal life till the age of five. Her life would be disrupted when Brick House's Legion sent an emissary to negotiate for food from the farmers. Unfortunately, one harvest came in too light and the farmers chose themselves over the raiders. This angered Brick and brought their wrath down upon the entire settlement. The few that survived were taken as slaves, including little Candle Wick.

She would be forced to endure the life of a breeder until one day, when she was 19 years old, she finally snapped. The raider who chose her this time around would meet with a bloody end and her captors wouldn't turn a blind eye to a disobedient slave. She fought bravely and it took three stallions to subdue her before Brick House stepped forward and offered her a chance to join the gang. Not as a slave but as a Raider. She took the fallen colt's name and became Torchlight. Over the next year she would rise to the rank of General through no small effort and a few busted heads.

She tried to take Brick House's title numerous times only to be met with defeat. Brick saw her fire and made her his mare before stepping down and elevating one of his other Generals to the post. At this point she had it all; caps, power, a family. But this was not to last. She would be sent to a small community called Diablo Canyon, to prepare it for the new Brick House's conquest. During her time there, she would be swayed by the locals. She failed her mission and decided to start a gang of her own, to add to Brick's forces. This too would end badly as her gang would be almost wiped out after a failed ponynapping.

Deciding to rebuild her gang, she opted for a different approach. She received news of the fall of Brick House and her new title. She tried to lead her gang in the hoofsteps of Brick House, but her efforts would not bare fruit. In time she would try to take them legit, turn them into a mercenary company. This too would fail. Now, her gang dissolved, her new friends vanished after the city was destroyed and her spirit wearing to it's breaking point, she tries to find a place to call home once again.

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2Existing Character:  Torchlight Empty Re: Existing Character: Torchlight on Tue Oct 25, 2016 10:30 pm

Character probated, 2016-10-25

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