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Existing Character: Shadow Bolt

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1 Existing Character: Shadow Bolt on Fri Jul 01, 2016 2:33 pm

Name: Shadow Bolt
Age: 19
Born: 2254
Died: 2087
Gender: Stallion
Species/Race: Unicorn
Cutie Mark: Screen w/ data port
Allegiance/Faction: None

Character Skills: sneak, Magic: Elementalism, science

Character Perks - General:
Robotics Expert (+1) damage to robots; can disable NPC robots from stealth with a Hacking Skillcheck.You can construct from scrap a Spritebot to serve as a companion at the expense of one Tier 3 item. These bots are half your level (rounded up) and have: (5) HP, (3) Armor, and deal (1) ranged damage a turn. You may also make bots for the same expense for other players (limit one companion per character at a time).

Magitechnologist You receive (3) points to spend in the science tree for the purposes of unlocking skills.

Computer Whiz In the event you fail a science based skill roll, you receive an automatic retry.

Character Perks - Racial:
Advanced Spells (+5) permanent increase to your AP pool.

Powerful Caster (+1) to increase to damage done by spells of all types.

Mighty Spell Receive an additional (3) skill points to be utilized for unlocking items in the magic tree.

Armor - Tier 5
Melee - Tier 5
Ranged - Tier 5
Special - Tier 5
Level - 4

Skills - SP: 35 points starting, 35 points spent
Lightning Bolt (VI) - 10 points
Chain Lighting (VII) - 12 points
Stealth (V) - 9 points
Spot Weld (II) - 4 points

Biography/Brief History
This Shadow is from before the rift in time that brought him to Roanoak - but that wasn't the first time he had visited the country.

He had a shit life, his stable constantly falling apart due to its experiment, causing the food supply to constantly fall short and the little engineer computer pony to be constantly overworked, until his stable opened, and raiders said hello.

His future fiance was murdered before his eyes, the raiders taking great deal of pleasure torturing the stallion - it was his words that convinced the overmare to open the stable. And as soon as the ponies started to blame him, they moved to emotional torment.

He broke free, unable to save his family and friends... he opted to spare them anything further, causing a slight malfunction in his stable's generator, causing a delayed overload to cause everything in his stable to explode, sealing his family and the raiders behind...

Now, he's run. Going as far away as he can from his stable... to the new country of what was Roanoak....
Long backstory

The bombs came. Despite the stallions warning, they still came. Of course - why would the country of Equestria heed the warning of one stallion from Roanoak? Especially when his word was to simply stand down.

The old Shadow's eyes closed, sighing gently as the siren blared, the large door of one of the Roanoak stables starting to roll closed as the last of the ponies scrambled to get inside - safe away from the death and radiation.

History had been proven to repeat himself. War never changes... The magical world he had been sent to was gone in almost an instant...

Time was an icky thing. His knowledge about nagictech and terminals from his past had leaped forward the Roanoak technology by bounds. The old pony couldn't help but think back to his past...

At least, in this stable, he had his family....

The Young Shadow was born in vault 79, under the two ponies of Short Circuit and Electric Bolt. Life was difficult in the stable - but it was the only one he knew. The generator caused surges all throughout the stable due to a faulty design, making Shadow essentially a slave to the stable, constantly fixing something.

He learned quickly under his mentor, Red Wire, and quickly picked up the diagnostic spells required to keep the stable afloat. He died once to the stable, by technicality, rushing in to get the reactor to calm down again, but thankfully the medical team was able to get his heart working again.

Even though life was nothing but work - he found love in an earth pony mare. Lilly Flower, leader of the farm-soil scientists that made sure the soil and food grew at optimal levels. She was a kind mare, and in their youth, they fell in love.

As more and more materials became unusable, the stable was set with a choice - open up the stable now, or wait until it dies completely. The choice, was obvious.

As those stable doors rolled open, they found that it was a grave mistake... The town upstairs, of Grayhoof, was crawling with raiders, who happily stormed the stable, destroying everypony and everything Shadow held dear.

After a while, Shadow was able to escape, but not before destroying the raiders, and the stable that held them.

Then he ran - rarely staying in towns or settlements. The wasteland was a horrid place, and the pony constantly kept a gun ready, even while hidden in his bags, having sewn a holder for his gun inside of it for his telekinesis to be able to fire at any-pony he was looking at.

He ran as far as he could - until he reached a town in Roanoak... his hooves tired, and his stable suit rank. He stops, looking at the town, before taking a nervous step forward, the quiet pony ready for whatever might happen.

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