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Existing Character: Nightshade

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1Existing Character: Nightshade Empty Existing Character: Nightshade on Fri Jul 01, 2016 2:53 pm

Name: Nightshade
Age: 47
Gender: Stallion
Species/Race: Plant/Earth pony hybrid
Cutie Mark: Bent Paperclip
Allegiance/Faction: Whoever doesn't shoot him!
Character Skills: Unarmed, melee, science

Character Perks - General:
Cannibal Consumption of intelligent creatures results in total health regeneration. Condition: a foe must have been defeated during the battle prior to use, one use per scene.

Jury Rigging Players with this perk may combine three items of the same tier (only two must be the same type of item) to create one single item of a higher tier.

Iron Hoof (Years of Applebucking) (-5) to critical hit threshold when utilizing unarmed melee.

Character Perks - Racial:
Unstoppable Force Roll a 60 or higher to charge through solid cover/objects. Any targets between you and the object take (+1) melee damage.

Juggerpony (+3) to HP capacity if below or at level 15, (+5) if above level 15.

Immovable Object You may ground yourself and effectively become a wall. When this perk is active: (+3) to your armor, no movement from your current spot, and you may not attack. Ending this perk consumes a major action.

Level - 8
Armor - 5
Ranged - 5
Melee - 5
Special - 4

Skills: Total SP: 31 Total Spent: 31
Three Point Shot (V) - 8 points
Guardian Angel (III) - 6 points
Second Wind (VI) - 10 points
Meteor Drop (III) - 7 points

Biography/Brief History
Nightshade was once a normal pony, very clever and handy with his hooves. McGuiver of the wastes. Once when getting deeper into a stable he was paid to get data out of, he was infected by a plant which grew, ruining his logical abilities, but giving him protection and strength. He is not OK with this exchange, but he is at least alive.
Spending a lot of time alone, avoiding ponies who might just think of him as a monster, half of them eaten out of self protection, Nightshade eventually finds his way into Diablo Canyon.

He is very docile, and will never attack another pony first. The only way you can get him to be in a physical battle, is to either provoke him physically, or somepony he has grown to really trust asks him to.

The plant eats meat, and is fully capable of ingesting a pony without him getting sick, but he doesn't eat ponies just to eat, unless they are already dead due to some other cause, or attacks him. His main food is more of the mutated wildlife of the wastes.

He is usually timid around ponies, but if they show they will not attack him, he is quick to classify them as friends... whether they are truly friendly to him or not.

Long Description
Nightshade was once a crafty pony. A true McGuiver of the wastes, capable of crafting his way out of most situations, he quickly grew a reputation as prospector. Various individuals would hire him to acquire specific goods within dangerous places, and he returned them with a stunning success rate.
That was, until one job.
A team of scientists were desperate to get their hooves on the research data of a failed stable. Despite the lack of sunlight and care, vegetation still grew in and around the stable. The problem was that nopony had figured out how to get into the deeper levels of the stable, where they suspected the data to have been kept.
Despite the damage to the stable from the overgrowth, Nightshade made his way deeper and deeper into the stable, finding the ever increasing dangers of the vegetation. Pony shaped plants that would attack mindlessly, giant flowers that would try to chomp at him. Of course, the place was also filled with radiation, but he had the Rad-Away to deal with that.
He was able to get to the central server rooms via a hack, and an elevator. Filling it to the brim with heavy objects, he raised the elevator as high as it could go, before releasing all breaks and letting it drop, crashing the elevator through the thicker branches that prevented it from lowering to the bottom levels.
The central server was covered with large thick vines, carrying large glowing bulbs. Trying to carefully move one that was growing on the keyboard, it exploded, covering him with a green goo as several sharp pains entered his body... At first, it was just nausea, followed by a growing pain in his gut. He started the download on the research data, trying to treat his wounds with bandages and healing potions before exhaustion started to kick in. Soon, he simply blacked out on the floor...
When he woke up, he was in pain. The seed had started to grow, adapting to his body and making changes to it for its own gain. For the first few months, he looked like a normal pony, returning the data back to the scientist, but was in too much pain to continue his prospecting.
He learned he was growing larger as well, the plant releasing hormones in specific places to get him to mutate. His appetite had increased by several times, seeming to grow more and more as the infection spread. Several months passed, he grew three inches taller, and a flower started to grow, replacing his tail. With the visible changes, ponies started to shun him....
Plants growing out of your ass? Nopony's got time for that!
He spent the next few years alone for the most part, his tail growing into a new mouth, he eventually learned, capable of ingesting things. One day, as he was attacked by a few 'do-gooders' with machetes thinking he was a monster hovering too close to home.
This 'monster' of course defended himself, killing the assailants. With the pony low on food to begin with, he didn't even bat an eye as his plants carnivorous instincts took over, ingesting the ponies that attacked him.
He knew that was wrong, but the vines in his brain made him not care.
He spent the next years wandering, looking for a place to call home.

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