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Character Profile: Roughknight / Vahn Guard

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1Character Profile: Roughknight / Vahn Guard Empty Character Profile: Roughknight / Vahn Guard on Fri Jun 03, 2016 5:32 pm

Name (Character): Roughknight - goes by Vahn Guard
SL Login Name: Ota Silversten
Age: 18
Languages: Common, High Northern
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Unicorn
Cutie Mark: Winged Lance
Allegiance/Faction: Neutral
Character Skills
Small Guns
Magic: Thaumaturgy

Character Perks - General
Hunter-Killer: (+5) hit chance (all weapon types).
Stalliongrad Roulette: (+5) critical hit chance for each round fired, to a maximum of (+25). Resets after. Each round is determined by a turn spent, unless using a multiple target skill in which you specifically fire multiple times in one turn.
Finesse: (+5) to your chance to land a critical attack.

Character Perks - Racial
Jouster: (+1) melee damage. Condition: does not stack with Tribal Warrior.
Noble Blooded: For every (5) levels you increase, receive (1) additional point to spend on skills.
Zen Casting: (+10) hit chance for every turn you spend focusing on the spell about to be employed. Condition: must state when this perk is initiated.

Starting Gear (Maximum of 5 points worth.)
0 Armor, 0 Ranged, 5 Melee, 0 Special

Biography/Brief History:
    Roughknight would've been another wasteland tragedy were it not for the aid of a lone wanderer who rescued him as a foal. He and his parents had been in the middle of a move when raiders attacked their wagon. While they died quickly, Roughknight managed to defend himself long enough for the wanderer - a ghoul griffin and ex-Talon with a rather odd contract to himself - to arrive and make equally quick work of them. However, the struggle left the colt mortally wounded. While he recovered within the next several weeks, he was injured in a way that left him forever without a voice.
   Taking sympathy on him, the wanderer adopted and taught Roughknight how to better fend for himself over the years. Seeing him as a personal hero, the colt decided to name himself after him as well, claiming the alias of Vahn Guard. Growing up, "Vahn" became a force to be reckoned with himself and eventually the griffin took him on as a full-fledged partner. The two roamed Equestria, protecting those who couldn't protect themselves - for caps or not, depending on situations. This went on until Vahn's savior, mentor, and only friend's luck ran out and he was killed during a mission.
   Difficulties with communication and his own hang-ups about socializing pretty much left Vahn to be a loner after that; but he doesn't stop doing what he was trained to do, nor does he plan to until he eventually dies too.

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