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Character Profile: Chi-effe

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1 Character Profile: Chi-effe on Sat May 28, 2016 12:35 am

Name Chi-effe
   SL Login Name Streephan
   Age: 25
   Languages Spoken
   Gender Stallion
   Species/Race : Unicorn
   Cutie Mark (If Applicable): golden ying yang made of bacon
   Allegiance/Faction N/A
   Appearance a firey yellow stallion with grape purple mane and tail and crystal blue eyes always seen in a blood covered oldl ooking cheffs outfit.
   Character Tagged Skills Magic: Elementalism,Melee, Science
   Character Perks - General
  Tastes Good to Me: Permits character to create Beverages and Food by sacrificing Raw Materials.
Abomination Hunter : (+2) damage against NPC monsters.
   Robotics Expert: +1 dmg to robots creation of sprite bot from t3  item/ mats.
   Character Perks - Racial
   Select 3. Reference:
   Mighty Spell 1: Receive an additional (3) skill points to be utilized for unlocking items in the magic tree.
   Noble Blooded:For every (5) levels you increase, receive (1) additional point to spend on skills.
   Powerful Caster: (+1) to increase to damage done by spells of all types.
   Starting Gear (Maximum of 5 points worth.)
   5 Melee
   Biography/Brief History:
   born on the southern edge of prance he grew up with a family of caravan ponies with multiple skills in trade and survival due to his constant travleing his only friends where the   animals that where kept to be slaughtered by his family, he became an adept wasteland cooking and hunting  ussing his fire magic and sharpened cooking untensills earning his cutie mark as a waste land chieff upon witch he then decided he wnated to goo ut in to the wastes and see what other eddible tihngs could be out there for him to work his tallents on.
he not a fussy or  contiance driven individual he used any meat or plant he could find even ponies if they attacked first or he was hungry enough. to create delicios well ballenced dished for him self and eventualy others.

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2 Re: Character Profile: Chi-effe on Fri Jun 10, 2016 3:57 am


Character Approved 6/10/16
Database Updated

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