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Character App, Lock Heart

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1 Character App, Lock Heart on Thu May 26, 2016 11:31 pm

Name (Lock Heart)


Age 27

Languages Spoken, Changling, Common
Gender Male

species/race Changling

Note: if your species option is not listed on the perks list, select the closest racial tree.
Cutie Mark (n/a)

Allegiance/Faction (n/a)

Appearance (White changling, green eyes, blue black hair, always wears a bandage on his nose and goggles)

Character Tagged Skills Small Guns, Stealth, Science
Character Perks - general / Abomination Hunter, Grunt, Mare-do-ill

Character Perks - Racial / Champion of the Hive , Captain of the Guard, Split Personality

Starting Gear (t1 armor, t4 ranged, t3 mele, t5 special)

(since hes migrated ill add his skills atm) Opportunist (VI), Corrosive Blast (VIII)

Biography/Brief History

Biography: Lock heart started off as a simple hive guard, he was never good at hiding because of his stuttering. Most of the changelings laughed or made fun of him but it never bothered him, he even had his own little guard though mostly misfits like himself. Yet overall his hive was a friendly one, often mingling with local populace, which was mainly foxes or a small amount of ponies. They often choosing to peacefully foster relations and make friends to acquire love, and the hive queen kept this in check for many years, long before Lock Heart himself was born, though as time went on she aged and came the time of raising her replacement.
This is where things went wrong, the new queen never saw eye to eye with the old, she quickly once she was of age overthrew the old and took over, the first thing she doing was changing the old ways and becoming more militaristic, sadly that is all Lock Remembers as he was ousted for not being good enough for the new hive. He fosters no ill will to the hive but he will be hard strung to ever want to return to a new hive. So now to this day he roams from town to town, each either slowly falling apart or being taken by raiders. Yet he puts on a brave face and trudges on.
Recently hes come across a group that he only met before the city fell once again, so now he travels with them.

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2 Re: Character App, Lock Heart on Thu Jun 02, 2016 8:48 pm


Character approved 6/2/16
Character Database updated...

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