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Character Profile: Yellow Heart

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1Character Profile: Yellow Heart Empty Character Profile: Yellow Heart on Tue Jun 14, 2016 1:45 am

Name: Yellow Heart
   SL Login Name: Drogoth63
   Age: 44
   Languages spoke: 100% Common
   Gender: Female
   Species/Race: Pegasus
   Cutie Mark: Golden Heart with a Red cross background on right flank, Dashite mark on her left
   Allegiance/Faction: Ex-Enclave
   Appearance: A Grey Pegasus with a blond mane and light blue eyes.
   Character Skills: Medicine, Science, Speech
   Character Perks - General: Field Medic, Pharmacist, A Little Dash
   Character Perks - Racial: Evasion, Agility rank 3
   Starting Gear (Maximum of 5 points worth.) Doctors Bag T5 Special
   Biography/Brief History:
   Yellow Heart as a filly never grew up on the wastelands in her first years of her life, instead she had a home above the clouds with a mother and a father where they were all safe from the dangers of the wasteland that loomed below the cloud layer. Her mother was a kind and caring pegasus, but her father unfortunately was an enclave soldier that never really was much for being nice but instead was proud and loyal to the enclave expecting a bright future for his daughter to become Enclave herself to fight for a better future. However her mother insisted for Yellow Heart to do something else with her life that didn't involve the enclave, because she'd fear for her daughters life in the wasteland. Yellow Heart never knew what the wasteland was, but she never liked the enclave since her  father wasn't very nice; So instead she decided on her own to become a Doctor and help ponies.

But overtime when she was barely 14 her father died to unknown causes from the wasteland, and the enclave came to request a replacement troop in her fathers place, her mother volunteered to take the position to protect her daughter but they knew Yellow Heart's medical potential would have benefited the Enclave more and went to take her in instead. A fight almost broke out between her mother and the enclave reps but Yellow Heart was able to stop them right before it could get ugly, she wanted to protect her mother more than she did and she wanted to help other ponies who needed her medical knowledge. So as she said her final goodbyes and went off to join the enclave to seek opportunity to put her medical knowledge to use in saving lives.

They taught Yellow Heart everything she needed to know about being a doctor, and to the enclave overseers surprise; She adapted to their teachings, resulting in a specially talented Doctor that she was even able to cure the most complex diseases with what supplies enclave had given her. Seeing her renowned talent, they needed her on the field to support enclave troops and keep them alive, so they thought sending Yellow Heart to be a field medic would put her skills to even greater use to prevent lives being lost with Yellow Heart preforming first aid to those who needed it.

But before she could go out there, Yellow Heart was first taught how Enclave Power Armor worked from inside and out in order to better understand how to not only use them effectively in the field, but to also preform Emergency First Aid to those in the suits of Power Armor that needed it, if the automated injection systems to heal the pony inside should fail or if they could not get out. On the field Yellow Heart had seen what the wasteland truly was, a radioactive war zone of death and destruction; She realized why they needed more field medics on the field because of how at every turn a pony could be injured, and they would need First Aid before they could die out from all sorts of life threatening injuries the wasteland could to do kill anypony.

There were times Yellow Heart had to fight in order to not defend her brothers and sisters on the battlefield, but innocent ponies as well even if they were the enemy. Other times she even healed and kept anypony she could alive, even if they were the enemy themselves like BOS or even raiders. She learned so much from both ends of the war while she acted not as the executioner, but as the merciful savior. Those who appreciated her medical aid saw her as an angel in the wasteland, her special talent was not to be a doctor to heal injured ponies, but it was also to be a merciful angel that had a heart of gold.

But her actions of healing the enemy did not go unnoticed as the enclave despised her actions to save anypony she could, at this time the Enclave were waiting for an excuse to put on her in order to cast her out as a dashite; So they tested her morality. They sent Yellow Heart on a mission to accompany an enclave officer with fellow troops following with to capture a coms station, but when they arrived Yellow Heart realized that the place was just a group of survivors who took refuge within the radio station, they were innocent. They were asked to leave but they refused, so the enclave went to respond with force after they saw that their threats would not work, but Yellow Heart stepped in to try and cease the offensive telling them that this wasn't the right thing to do to force survivors out of their home. But as she told that directly to the officer he saw that she was out of line and disobeying orders, she was warned to stand down but she refused to move an inch when suddenly one of the survivors abruptly opened fire on the enclave and was shot down. Both sides would've gone into a fire fight if it hadn't been for Yellow Heart getting in the middle and telling them to stop the fight before it could turn into bloodshed and went to go treat the survivors injuries.

They were finding an excuse to make her a dashite for all the other times she treated the enemy as well as refusing kill orders on multiple occasions, they just needed something to make her show it in front of witnesses and they got what they need. The officer went to the soon-to-be dashite and pulled her away from the injured survivor, commanding the troops to open fire and clear out the building, what was worse that he even finished off the survivor himself as the piercing gun shot rang through the air. She was then to be brought in to be questioned after they would brand her new Dashite outcast cutie mark.

They brought the pegasus in to be branded but in the middle of the branding process as she writhed to get away from it, right when they would go to do the other mark she broke free and made her way to escape and fly off once she had gotten outside, but without her power armor she could not get very far without the enclave shooting her down and sending the dashite plummeting to the ground. After she did fell through the cloud layer they assumed Yellow Heart dead, she would've been dead if it weren't for a rugged earth pony that brought her to safety and treated her wounds. She did not recognize them but was thankful for them helping her back up on her hooves, she wondered how they even found her but they just responded that they were lucky.

The Earth pony and her eventually started to travel together and learn more about each other, She knew the Earth pony as @%#*!$(^ and she liked that name just as much as he did, it was not long that they became in love with each other seeing that (@&$)!^$ thought she was beautiful, like a golden angel that fell from the sky. They wanted to run from the enclave and be safe from the rest of the wasteland, so they built a safe place for themselves. They constructed a barn house with a farm where they could have their foal and live the rest of their days in peace as a happy family.

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