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Light Heart

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1Light Heart Empty Light Heart on Sun Sep 04, 2016 4:10 am

Name Light Heart
SL Login Name Stormgyro Resident
Languages Spoken:Common, Changling
Gender: Mare
Species/Race: Changling
Note: if your species option is not listed on the perks list, select the closest racial tree.
Cutie Mark None
Allegiance/Faction None
Appearance Black changling with red wings and back
Character Tagged Skills  Speech Flight melee
Character Perks - A Little Dash,Ghost,Fluttershy’s Apostle
Character Perks - Racial-Captain of the Guard ,Empath , Hypnotize

Starting Gear T3 Melee and T2  special
Armor, Ranged, Melee, and/or Special.

Bio:When Dark Heart was a small bug, she snuck into one of the holding cells where they kept captured ponies within her hive. She was meant to feed, to grow big and strong like the rest of her hive. But instead she did something different, and linked with one of their minds. What she felt haunted her for the years to come.

She tried to convince them to stop, that there was a better way. Her efforts were only met with tease and shaming, the others calling her a pony-lover and a disgrace to the hive. One day, she had enough of the torment, and snuck out of the hive, delinking from the mind that ruled over the hive and venturing out on the wastes, sure that there had to be a better way.

Running from everypony she once knew, and everything they stood for, she dropped the name 'Dark Heart' and took on Light Heart, wanting to find true love and friendship in teh wastes. She passed by many different places, meeting only violence and struggle. Lost, alone, and starving, she happens across a new town, Tumbleweed. Perhaps, this time, it would be different....

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2Light Heart Empty Re: Light Heart on Sun Sep 04, 2016 1:52 pm

Please wait until your first character is level 15 before adding more! Putting on hold for now.

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3Light Heart Empty Re: Light Heart on Thu Sep 08, 2016 2:39 am

As previous character reached lvl 15, approved and moved to database: 9/8/2016

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