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Zephyr Application

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1Zephyr Application Empty Zephyr Application on Tue Dec 06, 2016 4:51 am

Name: Zephyr

SL Login Name: Anton Bode

Age (Measured in ‘human years'.): 23

Gender: Male

Species/Race: Zebra

Cutie Mark: i.imgur.com/Sw5isSC.png

Allegiance/Faction: None

Appearance: i.imgur.com/UCrojP9.png

Starting Gear: Returning character

Character Perks - General: Grunt, Backstabber, Sniper Pony

Character Perks - Racial: That Green Stuff, Tribal Wisdom, Recon Duty

Character Skills: Sneak, Small Guns, Unarmed

Languages spoken: Zebrican (100%), Low Common (100%)

Biography/Brief History:

Pre-Morning Light: Zephyr grew up amongst a seafaring community of Zebrican refugees called the Navel Remnant, forced from their Oil Rig home by an Enclave strike-force he spent his early years on board their vessel, honing his sneaking skills on the patrolling militia and pretending to be their navigator on nights where he'd camp out atop the cabins with the stolen scope off a rifle to see if he could find treasure. Years later, an older and eager Zephyr would find an abandoned, partially-flooded Stable while their vessel was docked by a settlement only a mile and a half away, which led to his people having a wealthy stock of pre-war (Albeit water-damaged) goods to do trade with, increasing their quality of life a good deal in the months that followed and earning himself an official spot in the militia's force for two years. Eventually, after a long scouting operation in-land, he made his way to Morning Light to meet up with Zero, his superior, where he also met Zahir for the first time.

Post-Morning Light: When the Balefire Bomb was detonated Zephyr was presumed dead as a portion of his gear had been found alongside a charred skeleton in the ruins of where the Zebra had made their home, and had not been seen since. In actuality he had survived only due to climbing inside an old rusted truck while looking for ammunition in the midst of a losing shootout, which was then blown violently far from its initial position by the force of the blast in the town. He was rescued by a ghoul merchant who had been looking for scrap in the freshly-irradiated blast zone when they discovered the badly burnt Zebra and carried him away from the town and back to where the rest of their caravan had camped to keep the Brahmin away from the rads.

Many things happened since then that seem to have changed the Zebra scout for the worse, but to what extent exactly has yet to be seen...

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2Zephyr Application Empty Re: Zephyr Application on Tue Dec 06, 2016 6:21 pm

Character probated, 2016-12-06

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3Zephyr Application Empty Re: Zephyr Application on Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:53 pm


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