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Parabolic Arc Re-application

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1Parabolic Arc Re-application Empty Parabolic Arc Re-application on Thu Dec 15, 2016 10:48 pm

Name (Character) Parabolic Arc
   SL Login Name:  dragonite11115

   Age :24 years old


   Species/Race: Pegasus

   Cutie: Parabolic Arc Re-application 7121c56fd3e0145151b7c5f0eeaddf4e

   Allegiance/Faction: Enclave

   Appearance: greenish blue eyes with a light blue body, white mane and tail

   Character Skills (Science, speak, medicine )

   Character Perks - General (Archanist, Computer whiz, Magitech)
   Character Perks - Racial (Fancy flying, 10 seconds, catnap)
   Starting Gear (T5 armor.)

   Biography/Brief History
  Parabolic Arc was once a scientist working for a rocket company designing engines for missiles, one day he was offered a place to build in peace and safety by the enclave which had much interest in him for his knowledge in missile system technology. He wasn't much of a fighter but he did have his ups and downs in technology and robotics. he was a very maneuverable Pegasus for his size which helped in escaping almost any fight he was put into, other then his sister, she was the only family he had left but never got to meet her.

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2Parabolic Arc Re-application Empty Re: Parabolic Arc Re-application on Sun Dec 18, 2016 11:48 pm

In the database and put into probation.

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