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Application - Eldfey

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1Application - Eldfey Empty Application - Eldfey on Fri Jun 17, 2016 9:43 pm

Name: Eldfey

Login: Wolfy.Passiflora

Age: True age unknown - Long before the Wars.

Languages: Low Common, High Northern

Species: Deadcervine (Mare. / Robot)

Allegiance: None!

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Tags: Sneak / Big Guns / Explosives

Character Perks
General: Mare-Do-Ill: +3 Stealth Point / *Cannibal - Required / Ghost: (+10) to sneak skill rolls.

Racial: Stealth Suite: +3 Stealth Point. / Modular Defenses: Summon Turret - Once per battle, summon one static turret to assist you. These weapons have a 360 degree traverse, detect stealthed targets within 10m, and are: half your level (rounded up), with 5 HP, Tier 4 Armor, and Tier 3 Ranged. / Full Power To Weapons!: (+2) damage, (-2) armour while this perk is active. Condition: It is a major action to activate or deactivate this perk. Lasts until deactivated. Toggle.

Skills: 5 from armor - 6 from perks

Stealth - Hide from sight. 2 ap per turn to maintain. (Level VI)

1 extra point remaining.

Tier 5 Armor +5 Base Levels Moved from Oleksandra

Eldfey was an original denizen of Ponyville in the days before the war. Things were quiet during her early days in town, serving in the once-named Rudeboy Jack's airship crew. That all changed however when the deer was left mangled and bifurcated under the wreckage of his ship. Her body spent a day underneath the broadside railing, her rear left in a fine, red and grey paste. Ew.

That was when she was harvested for the Deadmare project - the same series of rituals that Deadringer had gone through. What resulted was a rather broken doe, who had, just as she had in her previous life, the knack to be a sneaky little bugger. Outfitted with an experimental chassis, due to the different nature of her species, her model was originally meant for infiltration. Sadly, she was never used, and was left to rot away and wander the land for 200 years. Her systems are in a state of disrepair, enough so that it's taken a bit of a toll on the once-young does speaking skills.

And so she finds herself.. here. Somewhere. Somewhere she does not know - who knows what'll happen?

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2Application - Eldfey Empty Re: Application - Eldfey on Fri Jun 17, 2016 10:31 pm


Character Approved 6/17/16
Database Updated

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