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Application - Celes

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1Application - Celes Empty Application - Celes on Wed Jul 06, 2016 2:49 am


SL Login:
Wolfy Passiflora


Languages Spoken
Common / Feral


Unicorn (Witches Tears.)

Cutie Mark:
Application - Celes 1329599972019

Application - Celes 3276483cc0ac2aa976b69197bc24bb0e

"She wears old witch raiment that she found in a costume shop years ago. Hasn't been washed since. The mare, like her clothing, looks old, and decrepit. Bags under her eyes, and intense aging around her face. Her mane is grey, and looks messy and unkempt. She is short, for a fully grown mare, and her overall appearance deceives her true age."

Character Tagged Skills:
Magic: Elementalism, Medicine, Magic: "Healing"

Character Perks - General

Fast Metabolism Healing items and spells impact you for (+2) HP more than usual.

Arcanist (+5) chance of success to both science and magic skill based rolls.

Celestial Aid Once per scene, you may reattempt immediately in any instance you fail a roll.

Character Perks - Racial
Mighty Spell Receive an additional (3) skill points to be utilized for unlocking items in the magic tree.

Mighty Spell (Rank 2) Receive an additional (3) skill points to be utilized for unlocking items in the magic tree. Condition: requires Mighty Spell (Rank 1).

Mighty Spell (Rank 3) Receive an additional (3) skill points to be utilized for unlocking items in the magic tree. Condition: requires Mighty Spell (Rank 2).


Lightning Bolt - VI
If successful, the next turn hits a 5m radius area for ranged damage (+2), caster must place an indicator at target point.

Cleanse Air - III

If successful, a ten meter area of air is cleansed of harmful 'stuff'.

Starting Gear:
A: 0 / R: 0 / M: 0 / S: 5

Biography/Brief History:

Celes was born, far, far away, and raised in a clinic, in that same, far, far away place. She had always taken an interest in the thing's that ail the ponies that came in with, and dedicated her life to studying it! Of course, her chosen method of doing so, was directly injecting any and all germs and bacteria into her veins, to which she would study the effects and the symptoms of each one. She still has the book that she originally started writing in; it's pages filled with her own personal designations, and the medical terminology, for each she's studied. It's a vast library of knowledge, and, rarely, contains the cure. She was, however, eventually cast out from her home for her more zealous methods of study. Upon her travels, she contracted the Witches Tears, an illness thought long lost, and destroyed by Twilight Sparkle, in Ponyville, long before the war. Her body undertook a radical change, but her mindset had not changed, like the ponies that were originally infected. She is, however, extremely fragile. She cannot move faster than her limp will allow, and needs to support herself with her staff. It is here, she finds herself, and she hopes to see what illnesses this land contains, and possibly spread a little around for research, as well..

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Character approved 7/20/16
Database Updated

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