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New Character: Grease Gun

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1New Character: Grease Gun Empty New Character: Grease Gun on Thu Aug 25, 2016 11:19 pm

Name: Grease Gun
SL Login Name: koshehage.resident
Age: ~24
Languages Spoken:Common, Zebrican
Cutie Mark:Stylized pistol crossed with a stylized oil dispenser
Appearance: See avatar (No gear)
Character Tagged Skills:Explosives, Energy guns, Survival
Character Perks - General:"Party" Pony, Too Drunk to Die, "Friendly" Fire
Character Perks - Racial:Expert Spells, Advanced Spells, Blood Pact
Starting Gear:T2 Raider Armour, T2 Laser Rifle, T1 brass horseshoes,
Biography/Brief History
Grease grew up with the nomadic life one would expect from a group of wasteland travellers. It became apparent early on that he had a propensity for tinkering with the mechanical implements, especially the prewar implements he could find. Usually, it ended with them in pieces and scattered to dust, but as time wore on, he managed to find his niche in fixing old engines, to a degree. This niche came in the form of converting them to run on explosives rather than whatever fuel they ran prior. Of course, this resulted in more than a few singed eyebrows and midnight evacuations from settlements before they were forced out themselves. A knack for shooting wasn't long to follow, as he'd learned how to reload his own ammunition, albeit with perhaps less safe propellants. Fine tuning and sheer practice brought it to a safe level where he wasn't worried about blowing himself up whenever he pulled the trigger, although perhaps it was this that spurred his transition to energy weapons...

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2New Character: Grease Gun Empty Re: New Character: Grease Gun on Fri Aug 26, 2016 2:03 am

Character Approved and moved to the database. 2016-08-26.

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