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Character: Tic Tac (Old Character)

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1Character: Tic Tac (Old Character) Empty Character: Tic Tac (Old Character) on Wed Aug 03, 2016 6:36 pm

Name (Character): Tic Tac

SL Login Name: Salandras Adamant

Age: 24

Languages Spoken: Nipponese, Common

Gender: Female

Species/Race: Earth Pony

Cutie Mark: Pip Buck

Allegiance/Faction : None

Appearance : A dull blue pony with navy and white hair and mane. Her eyes are usually almost fully closed, hiding a set of ruby eyes beneath them. She often wears a brown leather jacket and black shirt.

Character Tagged Skills
Science, Medicine, Unarmed

Character Perks - General
Computer Whiz, Robotics Expert, Jury Rigging

Character Perks - Racial
Juggerpony, Tremendous Strength, Immovable Object

Starting Gear
(Transfer Character) T2 Armor, T4 Ranged, T5 Melee, T3 Special

Biography/Brief History

Tic Tac has led an interesting life. A scientist and stable dweller whom worked in a social experiment on cultural development in her home, she spent her youth raised by her grandmother and mother. Often taught of the importance of doing one's best and striving for perfection. Tic Tac became a Doctor of both medicine and robotics, learning to make, repair, and install cybernetics for other ponies. She practiced this for several years before a raid on her home stable lead to her family being torn apart and Tic Tac herself being placed in a slavers camp.

Sold into slavery and passed from trader to trader while heavily drugged, she lost much of her memory for the time she was out. Tic Tac was then purchased and freed near Diablo Canyon by her deceased husband, Frigid Winds. After some time where she raised their child and worked within the store her husband set up, the town met with disaster and both she and her child had to leave. She now comes to Tumbleweed in search of direction and a safe place to raise her daughter.

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2Character: Tic Tac (Old Character) Empty Re: Character: Tic Tac (Old Character) on Tue Aug 16, 2016 10:49 pm

Character approved and moved to the Database

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