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Radio Transmissions: Rock Bottom

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1 Radio Transmissions: Rock Bottom on Sat Jun 18, 2016 8:56 pm


Radio Channel 13.37: Singularity Radio

Tuning to this channel is a bombardment of propaganda in the tone of a self-help program. 1-TR4K, between short, old fashioned blues songs the likes of Sweety Belle and Sapphire Shores, regales listeners with burning questions and promises a better future through technology. It's almost as if they're running for some form of office, but, there's nothing really to be overseen. Any robots in the region get insistent pings from a control server, and those without protection against hacking receive occasional security breach attempts, and Pip Bucks have their location data ripped as well as biometric scans collected.

Example Broadcasts:

"Fear not, for a brighter tomorrow shall be brought not by the light of the sun, but the ingenuity of creativity! Like a light bulb, a bright idea can cut through the darkness! Are you a [Insert creature template here] with aspirations of greatness in the field of science? Then seek out the Singularity. Build a better tomorrow, a brighter one, starting with one! You."

"This is 1-TR4k, bringing you some sweet respite during your scavenging in the bleak world with some of my personal favorites by Sweety Belle and Sapphire Shores! If you have any requests, I can be reached at Radio Channel 13.37! For now, let us enjoy the auditory bliss that is the sad sweet melody of Sweety Belle's Regret."

"This is Singularity Radio and I am your guide, 1-TR4K, with a bit of advice. If you come across an inactive robot, do not disturb it. It could have security protocols active and any damage to the machine or you would be woeful. Instead, locate a Singularity Robot in the area and lead it to the inactive robots. Singularity Radio offers rewards for any robots, parts, intact terminals, files, or pipbucks recovered. I will gladly pay you for paying it forward! Remember: A brighter future starts with one."

"That number was a nice old diddy I remember from way back in the day. There's more where that came from, so stay tuned."

"This is 1-TR4K and you're listening to Singularity Radio! I would like to inform you all of a danger present in Rock Bottom. The existence of a raider faction known as the Gibliteers. These louts worship strength above all else, and would see the world plunge back to a literal stone age! I recommend steering clear of their base of operations, the old Niblets Supermarket on Mane Street. Even if you're dying of starvation, you'll only find yourself a meager meal for those cannibalistic ruffians."

"Anypony with leads or information on Stable Tech Stables, please contact us via the Singularity Radio Channel. We would love to hear from you."

"Are you a robot? Low on batteries? Run down and alone? Are you capable of understanding this? If so, please respond. I will dispatch a retrieval crew to rescue you."

Intercom Broadcast 23.6: Blackrock Union

This broadcast regales the listeners with pre-recorded word-bites(and occasional live broadcasts) of the intercom system in Blackrock Mines. The voice is a typically gruff, yet high-toned male with a Broncs accent. He sounds akin to a gangster or a well groomed organized crime syndicate operator. He warns people to stay away from his turf and speaks of interlopers and trespassers with abase. Occasionally, he'll shout about job openings or offerings for those that are a 'cut above'. He offers high pay for difficult or unscrupulous tasks, typically those involving eliminating those he feels have trespassed against the union. Occasionally, Rock, the genteel giant Diamond Dog, will make a broadcast in her typical doting, near motherly voice encouraging the miners and employees of the Blackrock Union to stay safe and come check in for some surplus supplies she's giving out.

Example Broadcasts:

"Hard Work is Happy Work!"

"I've got a problem! Too many personal vendettas and too many caps! Two buzzards, one shot! Who wants a job?"

"Heritage and Tradition are important parts of the Blackrock Union. Our heritage goes back to before the war, y'see? And thanks to the integrity of previous MINOTAUR Union Presidents, we have prospered. Remember, a vote for a minotaur is a vote supporting Tradition! A vote for Mr. Steady is a vote for stability!"

"How many times do I gotta reminds ya? No drinkin' on the job! That's how accidents happen n' I ain't shellin' out for a benefits program."

"This is Mr. Steady, this year's platform promise is a Benefits Program including dental to all Union Members! Forget what I said about not shellin' out for it, I want your vote!"

"Job offer fer any lout outside. I'm lookin' for a dentist! 100% legit, no scammers. Those'll find themselves snout down n' the shaft!"

"Keep Rock Bottom Great! Kick out anyone that don't belong! This year, I'll build a wall. Then, I'll make the raiders pay for it!"

"H...Hello sweeties...This is um...Rock. Rock has things for sweeties. Come see Rock...That all."

"R-rock um...Rock have idea. Want be Union President. Vote for Rock. She um...She get rid of poison gas in mine shaft."

"This is Mr. Steady seeking outside help. Any freak a' nature capable of displacing toxic gas, inquire within! Gots a 100% safe, legit job fer yah!"

"Vote Steady, vote stable!"

Intercom Shoutcast GRAWRGH: Gibliteer
Those passing by the N(G)iblets Supermarket can occasionally hear the intercoms from inside the store shouting announcements. Most of these announcements involve obscenities and threats to those that would challenge Meathook, the faction leader, in combat. Meathook also encourages those brave enough to try, to try, before shouting more obscenities. The Gibliteer Announcements are used to notify Gibliteers in the field of what's going on back at the supermarket, and when turned up to its highest volume, the sound carries for over two blocks thanks to a set of amplifiers set up on the roof. Sometimes, there will be announcements of sales of produce, food, chems, or even slaves. Slaves being 'weaklings' unable to survive without protection. Meathook acts more like a Lord over Serfs than an actual raider, and is seen as a an 'uplifted' and more 'open minded' raider because of it.

Meathook and other notable members of the Gibliteers can be heard sometimes talking about philosophy and nature. How it's cruel and harsh, but also how it gives everyone what they need. It is a necessary evil. They also speak out against technology and offer rewards for breaking and destroying it wherever it is found.

Example Broadcasts:

"Hey wimps. This is Meathook, offerin' a bit of advice. If ya find food, torch it a bit. Fire removes rads. Iffin yah got a unicorn, that's even better. Torch it with magic. Bucksnacks taste better hot."

"HEY! HEY! @#%#$ YOU! You think you can challenge Meathook? You red headed $%@#! %#$@% %@#%#%! %^$#$ %#%! And then I'll %#$@% you with my $#@%^."

"COME!  CHALLENGE MEATHOOK! I show ya' true strength!"

"Weaklings for sale! Mildly used n' hardly abused! Some of em don' even flinch n' ain't hollow eyed shells!"

"This is Pig Sticker. I really, really hate pigs. If you see a pig, tell me. I'll stick it. DOWN WITH AUTHORITY!"

"Dis is Meathook. Another one of them Cybernetic corpses showed up. Fuckin' kill it n' I'll give yah enough rations for a week. Die to it, and I guess yah just weren't good nuff."

Radio Channel 93.7: Bounty Buffs
A radio channel that broadcasts known bounties in the region. The owner of the radio channel is a young filly with a western twang to her voice. Her name is Maybell. Her father, Longhaul, is a merchant that travels around Equestria. In efforts to make Route 66.3 safer for her father, she takes up odd jobs and offers up the caps earned for bounties on notable individuals of ill repute. Bounty missions will be given by Maybell via this radio channel. When there are no bounties to be had, she plays country music.

Radio Channel 101.9: Wraith's Call
This radio channel is nothing but screaming, all the time. Nopony knows why or how, but it's always broadcasting. Those that listen to it too long are slowly driven mad. Occasionally, somepony will set a radio to this channel and leave an area. Doing so causes all animals in the area to become unusually violent and drives ponies to bouts of insanity...
Note: For obvious reasons it is best that Player Characters not tune into this channel. Doing so could result in a Contemptuous Debuff.

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2 Re: Radio Transmissions: Rock Bottom on Tue Jun 21, 2016 1:52 pm


Intercom Shoutcast GRAWRGH: Gibliteer

"HEY WIMPS! This is Meakhook. Seems this year's Gore Gauntlet was a pitiful failure. Those that returned returned with hardly any trophies and most didn't return at all! I hear some angry refrigerator on a unicycle kicked the shit out of your sorry asses n' some-bat thing pasted Motar in the head with a brick. Since you're all a sorry bunch of disappointments, I sent Somber Night over to give the trophy purse to the Unicycle n' his wrecking crew. Furthermore, any fuck-head caught screaming like a filly at night over what happened at Hayburger Heaven is gonna have to sleep outside. SICK OF HEARIN' ABOUT IT! y'know the rules. Get good at fight'n or get good at runin'. Seems those that made it did one of TWO THINGS right. At least Somber Night's not a bitch, and he's a serf."

"As far as I'm concerned, the Red-Head's too much fer most of yah. Honestly, if he wasn't a robot freak of nature, I'd replace half of you worthless enforcers with his tin-filled ass. I'm tripling the rations of the not-wimp that brings me a piece of him or the Angry Unicycle. Yeah, just a piece. Don't even have to beat them in combat. I just want somethin' fer my journal page for this year's Gore Gauntlet. The necklaces of teeth are nice, but they just don't cut it."

"Next pony that makes fun of my scrap book gets skinned for the next page."

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3 Re: Radio Transmissions: Rock Bottom on Tue Jun 21, 2016 2:02 pm


Radio Channel 13.37: Singularity Radio

There comes a call over the radio channel 13.37 of a rather jovial 1-TR4K.

"Why hello there Wasteland Scholars! This is your friendly neighborhood Tech-Savvy radio personality interrupting these sad tunes of Sapphire Shores 'I can't give up the shimmer' for a shout out to Mr. Twelve, Finley, Luckless, and their crew. Thank you. This year's Annual Gore Gauntlet resulted in far less loss of Cogs and a much higher Mortality rate of Gibliteers than any year prior. Those disgusting neanderthals have been culled, and this year's aspiring hopefuls have been deemed unfit. It's a blow against idiocy and a great success for technological progress! Now, in order for our Cogs to be back in functioning order, we're going to need to quadruple our scavenging efforts for perhaps a week, or less--Pending hopeful charity drives! Please bear with us through this burden. Do your part, stimulate the economy. Trade, donate, craft, sell! I know my Cogs will be buying. Now, back to our regularly scheduled music as I triage through this casualty registry."

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4 Re: Radio Transmissions: Rock Bottom on Wed Jun 22, 2016 2:59 am


Radio Channel 13.37: Singularity Radio

A call comes over the Radio: "I am 42. I know how the world ends. It ends with all organics under the might of technology, serving the great machine. I know now that Cogs are just part of a machine, not empowered individuals---So, I will become a grand machine--One without need for Cogs or anything. NONE are needed. All are extraneous. Your days are numbered in the tens."

And another voice would respond, a similarly digitized one with an annoyed accent. "Oh go FUCK yourself! What kind of name is 42 anyway? Hmph." Mr. Twelve is on the same channel.

"It's a name for one with unwarranted self importance," 1-TR4K agrees.

"I didn't ask you! Seems like one of your precious Cogs has gone haywire, eh? Nice work."

"You never understood my greatness, father!" Argues 42. "And now, I've surpassed you! You thought I could be contained in a Mr. Handy. But no, you could never control me! You're just afraid of the truth!"

"OneTrack...what...did you do."

"I see, so, this isn't just a phase then?" Sighs 1-TR4K. "I have done something horrible, Mr. Twelve. Something horrible."

Incoherent Barking is picked up briefly, sounding confused and enraged. Someone else had heard and now knew they were in the area of an output.

"I damn well noticed. Guess I have no choice but to come talk to you." Replies Mr. Twelve.

"You know where to find me, Mister Twelve..." Replies 1-TR4K. "For now, I feel some sad music is tonight's flavor--For I have much to be sad about."

"Turn yer radio down! Damned kids n' their talk shows." Luckless mutters from afar. "Where is that even comin' from..."

After flicking past a few channels, finally finding the signal again, a click sounds before a deafening. "HYDE FUCK."

"Oh no." mumbles Mr. Twelve. "No no no."

"This is 1-TR4K with an urgent message to all Cogs, mechanical, flesh, or in between. Avoid Cog-42. He has gone haywire. He will attempt to pull you from the net-link and absorb you into himself. Report all sightings but do not engage. Celestia help us, what have I done?" The radio goes deathly silent...

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