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Rock Bottom: The Coal Rush Boom Town

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1 Rock Bottom: The Coal Rush Boom Town on Thu Jun 09, 2016 9:45 pm


Welcome to Rock Bottom

Located ten miles North of the Settlement of Tumbleweed, a Boom-Town sits upon the summit of a massive flat Plateau, ironically named Rock Bottom. The Massive Coal Boom, called the Black Gold Rush was spawned by the discovery of a massive coal vein found underneath the Plateau upon which now rests the ruins of the once-great, short lived land of plenty, now yet another war-scarred husk that dots the mostly barren landscape.

During it's hay-day, the town was host to thousands of families, all staking a claim in the mines or the infrastructure necessary to support said miners. The export of the black train-fueling, power plant powering substance was rich and abundant, attracting hosts of those seeking a new start or, more often, a jump start in their new lives. Malls, businesses, eateries, and all manner of City Comfort Living made it to the once-quaint town, which still kept some of it's small town appeal thanks to it's rich, diverse community. A majority of the miners were made up of Diamond Dogs or Macitaurs(A sub-species of Minotaur originating from the Macintosh Hills, known for their skills with explosives, love of mead, and distinct accents) while a majority of the spoils were enjoyed by the ungulate share holders. The rift in the community grew because of this, leading to the Minotaurs and the Diamond Dogs to form a great labor union known as the Blackrock Union.

The Union argued for equal share of the fruits of their labors, and with the threat of shortages and border tensions between Equestria and Zebrica, the demands were favorably met and production continued. Not all business was hunky dory, however, as the Union set sights on the other businesses. As more employees from the nearby businesses joined the Union, the profits to the business owners dipped. Seeking to recoup losses, business owners began cutting corners in every direction, threatening massive lay-offs.

If not for the war breaking out, it was likely the town of Rock Bottom would have entered a Civil War all it's own. Of course, that happened anyway when the coal vein did finally dry out, most businesses left, laying off and black listing every member of the Blackrock Union from the workforce. After enjoying 15 years of power, the Union stubbornly remained in the town, searching deeper in the tunnels for anything of remote value.

All seemed lost for Rock Bottom, as they met their namesake in a metaphorical fashion, that is until one day a representative of Stable Tech appeared, showing great interest in the massive caverns the Minotaurs and Diamond Dogs had dug out.

Now, after the war, it is believed a massive trove of forbidden technology lay beneath the town, but any to attempt to brave the radiated tunnel systems have never returned...

Points of Interest:

Giblet's Food Market:
Home to the Gibliteers

Hayburger Heaven:
An eatery, it still has some supplies in it.

The Shop:
So named because it literally is a shop. This store caters to any with more than two brain cells and two caps to rub together, and is overseen by a puckish teenage dragon known for their scrupulous nature.

Old Ticky:
The Radiation Pit slowly swallowing three skyscrapers.

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