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I: Factions Basics and Affinity

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The Wastelands are host to a wide variety of potent factions, each contributing some element or another to the atmosphere. We happily promote the desire of players to cooperate with these canon organizations. Factions can be merchant alliances, armed groups, practically any form of organized group. In the current setting there are four large Factions players can join, with minor ones likely to be introduced in the future.

Currently, the Major Factions are as Follows;

Blackrock Union
Motor Mutts

As an individual, you may only be a member of one Major Faction per character. Minor Factions do not add any bonuses beyond being a safe place to live or story related fluff.

Minor Factions are as Follows;
Tumble Weed Township
More to come...

By Default, most player Characters are part of the Township. Some conditions apply. Behaving Badly in the Township or around Minor Factions can quickly get you Ousted.

Major Factions have a location within the region as their headquarters, overseen by their Faction Leader. These designated spaces receive:

Security doors: any door (or wall) leading to the interior of the requires no less than (T5) explosives to breach by unwelcome guests.

Defensible setting: A faction headquarters may not be destroyed or captured unless the defenses are breached during a stated siege. Factions may declare war upon one another, but must give a forty-eight hour notice prior to the attack to allow the enemy faction the opportunity to defend.

Faction Leader: A Faction cannot be 'Defeated' as long as their Faction Leader remains. In order to defeat a faction, you must defeat or force this individual to flee.

Characters betraying their faction will receive an automatic Contemptuous Debuff for the period of five calendar days.
Intended to discourage out of character deceit and purposeful theft of faction resources.

Major Factions grant their members Perks depending on the Affinity Level they've attained with their given Major Faction. You must be a MEMBER of this faction to receive any of the Affinity Perks.
You gain or lose Affinity based on behaviors taken that a Faction may or may not like. By default, everyone's Affinity is set to 0 at the beginning unless someone wishes to be a character with a specific backstory involving the current factions.

Affinity Information can be found here; http://tinyurl.com/hoa4qaw

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