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1Singularity Empty Singularity on Thu Jun 16, 2016 12:48 am


Singularity Singul11
Leader: 1-TR4K (Unknown)
Specialty: Technology
Member Benefits:

Progress is paramount.

Over the radio waves many can hear the claims of 1-TR4K, a radio DJ who promotes himself as a guru of technology and the harbinger of progress. Nopony knows who, what, or where he resides, but his agents are everywhere, many of them robots that entered his area and came under his control. He boasts that technology is meant to serve, nurture, and protect, and we in turn must help it progress.
To his call, many creative minds have come to become his acolytes, offering up technical documents they've recovered and other secrets of lost technology. Unlike the Steel Rangers, however, the Singularity are more than willing to share their valuable knowledge with others--As long as you align with their doctrine.

Any robot that comes under the control of Singularity it is entered into a vast network of connections to others, facilitating the cogs of a grand machine. While they maintain their own personalities, they are more like parts of a whole. Cognizant of their existence, each Cog has its own dreams and aspirations, whether it be a fascination with gardening or an interest in topiary. All this serves to preserve knowledge of even the most mundane things, as the Cogs are naturally inquisitive and seek out whatever past time they are suddenly so interested in. Unlike true sentient creatures, Cogs cannot change over time as individuals, and they operate as a loose collective, sharing a hierarchy where they answer to one authority, 1-TR4K himself.

The living members of Singularity would seem to be out of work, seeing as the small army of robots tend to a majority of tasks. However, the living component of Singularity is perhaps its most vital. Living ponies can go where robots cannot, and vice versa. Beyond that, it is 1-TR4K's goal to seek out those who would quest for knowledge, especially those of pony-kind. The robots are merely a means and ponykind is the target audience.  

With a small army of robots at their disposal, and vast amounts of technology, while the smallest of the three region powers, they are the most technologically advanced.

"Suffer not the ignorance of fools, if they will not learn, then they shall be blinded by science and silenced by the gears of progress. We are all but cogs in the grand machine. Come, build a better you, and a better future, by becoming one with the Grand Design."

Seeking the hidden vault deep beneath the Blackrock Mine, the Singularity see it as their Asphodel, the tool to bring Gaiai to the land. The ends justify the means, and if they cannot resolve with diplomacy, they will then turn their knowledge and technology to the most grim of tasks; War.

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