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1Gibliteers Empty Gibliteers on Sun Nov 13, 2016 4:07 am


[[Insignia HERE]]
Leader(s): Meathook (Mutant Earth Pony)
Specialty: Survival
Faction Location: (G)iblets Super Market in Rock Bottom
Enemies: Singularity, Motor Mutts, and all Robots
Member Benefits: http://tinyurl.com/jmww8xa

All that remains of the city's original residents, they have been through much to survive, many of them being twisted in some way by their heritage. None are more twisted than Meathook, their faction leader, a massive behemoth of brawny muscle. He has lead the Gibliteers fearlessly for ten years, turning the tide against the Kill-Cans sent out by the Singularity to wipe them out.

Staunch believers in self reliance and survival, every Gibliteer trains from initiation on how to survive in the Wasteland. Known for their brutal efficiency and leaving nothing of value behind, they favor improvised weapons such as chains, meat hooks, cleavers, spiked bats, and traps. Typically they utilize ambush tactics in groups to take one difficult adversaries. The elite of this Faction, known as Juicers, use a special drug cocktail that pushes their mortal bodies to the limit, allowing them to fight on the level of some of the most sophisticated combat robots still wandering the wasteland.

Due to their adversarial history with Singularity and various other rampaging machines, they harbor deep hatred for technology and prefer the 'Old Ways' of Equestria, favoring a tribal system with a chief, warriors, gatherers, and home keepers. Weaker creatures often find themselves recruited into the lowest class, where they trade in liberty for protection whether willing or not.

"Nature has a capacity for cruelty, but only as necessity. We proved we was above nature; we could be cruel beyond necessity. The natural order ain't so bad from a certain perspective. I'm jus' a natural creature in this natural hell. Good, evil, them's constructs. I jus' wanna live n' be free. So do you...Question is, do you deserve either? Do I? Let nature decide. Survival of the fittest..."


  • Survival
  • Gaining more territory
  • Defeating Singularity
  • Stopping the 'Sleeping Evil' beneath the earth from ever being awoken

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