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Blackrock Union

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BlackRock Union
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Leader(s): President Steady (Minotaur) and Vice President Rock (Diamond Dog)
Specialty: Negotiations, Demolitions, and Wealth
Faction Location: Blackrock Mine off Route 66.6
Enemies: Singularity and Motor Mutts
Member Benefits: http://tinyurl.com/jptgd3z

Wealth is the road to happiness.

A powerful mining union from the old world, this faction is the richest of the four factions and has maintained control of Blackrock Mine. You can see the entrance to the mine just off the long stretch of road before entering Rock Bottom, and occasionally, a Minotaur, Diamond Dog, or rare occasional pony will step out to hassle travelers or warn them away. They just want to be left alone to their own devices, to mine their mine and churn out materials for manufacture. Who they export their ore to is anypony's guess.

They are lead by President Steady, a minotaur short on stature as he is on patience, and their Vice President, as massive, rather dumb Diamond Dog named Rock. Together, they oversee the mine's exports and the performance of the workers. Over the radio waves one can hear the gruff little minotaur blurting over the intercoms in little sound bites for the workers.

"Hard work is happy work!"

"Think not what the Union can do for you, but for what you can do for the Union!"  

Vice President Rock is typically seen in the main shaft commons, seeing as they cannot fit through any of the doors in the living area. A big gentle giant, he isn't as extreme as an isolationist as the President, and is rather pleasant to newcomers to the mine. He's the first one you deal with until the Union President offers you work, if any.

The Blackrock Union does not suffer trespassers lightly, unless you're there for work, they will repel with both explosive and gunfire. The minotaurs of the mine can turn their pickaxes from breaking rock to shattering bone, and the diamond dogs have no gripe against eating ponies. Well, not fellow miners. Those are not food ponies, those are friend ponies! (There's a difference.) While generally welcoming of any diamond dogs or minotaurs that enter their region, there is a sect of Diamond Dog deserters they despise. This clan of Mutts banned together with a greatly diminished contingent of Steel Rangers to form the Motor Mutts. A tax of blood will be taken for their overdue union payments!

A recent cave in has stymied their re-opening of the mine, and they're seeking a method to remove the blockage. Much to the chagrin of Singularity, they do not care what happens to the Stable Tech Research Facility rumored to be hidden deep within the caverns of the mine's reaches. At the most they'd strip all the resources they found and sell them off to the highest bidder. For this reason, they are seen as an obstacle by the Singularity. The only faction in the city Blackrock Union seems to tolerate is the Gibliteers, seeing as they are the descendants of the city's original inhabitants.

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