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Player Event suggestion

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1Player Event suggestion Empty Player Event suggestion on Mon Sep 19, 2016 9:00 pm

SO for a event, I wanted to suggest the players get together to do a art collective.
Much like a secret Santa, we put all the names of players who want to do art, or want a new pony-pictures into a drop-box hat. (which someone, probably myself or a admin, will pic up)

Once all the names are put together, given a time period, say, two weeks. we then shake up the names, and pick two at a time, these two players must try to draw each-others pony characters from FOE.

This is to help build the community spirit and meet a pony you've never spoken too, make new friends!

By the end of it, all pictures will need to be sent to the Hat again, so the event maker can put them into frames to create a art gallary within FOE sim, to show off all the beautiful characters we have.

Once this is done, a group of judges will review the images and crown someone a winner. (prize to be thought of)

SO, in saying this: comment below for feedback. Would be appreciated.

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