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Saki (Gryphon)

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1Saki (Gryphon) Empty Saki (Gryphon) on Fri Aug 19, 2016 6:37 pm


SL Login Name:

23 Years Old (in human terms)

Languages Spoken:
Options: Common, and High Northern.



Cutie Mark:


Appearance (Image or short description.)
A pure white gryphon with grey talons, beak, and tail. The feathers atop her head are tipped with a light violet, the color of which is also splashed over the small feathers around her eyes. She wears a matching scarf, a bit old and frayed at the edges but valuable to her, all the same... Along with armor out of obsidian and bronze, and a simple rapier she managed to scrape up enough caps to buy.

Character Tagged Skills:
Flight, Medicine, and Sneak.

Character Perks - General
And Stay Back, Flesh Wound, and Nimble Moves.

Character Perks - Racial
Steel Claw, Evasion, and Roar.

Starting Gear:
T2 Armor, T3 Melee

Biography/Brief History:
Hatched into the harsh wasteland of the far Notth, Saki fought for survival alongside her father, her mother having passed away shortly after laying three eggs. Her two siblings still-hatched, Saki thrived under her father's undivided attention. She learned to fend for herself and take down foes twice her size, and even managed to sharpen her senses to their best. Soon, her father was killed in battle, leaving her alone, with nothing more than a simple rapier, her mother's scarf, and the armor fashioned by her father out of obsidian and bronze. Now she wonders the lands alone, aimlessly.

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2Saki (Gryphon) Empty Re: Saki (Gryphon) on Sat Aug 20, 2016 12:30 am

Character approved 8/20/16

Database Updated

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