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G: Crafting and Rigging

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Nothing is more important than being prepared and having your gear maintained or improved.

Crafting an Item Requires the appropriate crafting General Perk as Follows;

Medical Engineer to Craft Healing Items

That's The Good Stuff to Craft Chems

Trust Me, I'm An Expert to Craft Explosives

Consumables you can craft can be found here; http://tinyurl.com/jjrynwa

Crafting Consumables requires Raw Materials, found in Loot Nodes or rewarded in events/adventures. The resulting

Crafting Perks can be taken at Character Creation, as a level 30 Perk, or learned with the appropriate skill manuals (Limit: One Book Perk)

For the improvement of gear, a Rigger, or a Player Character that has taken the General Perk: Rigging is necessary.
ICly, you must present and have the items necessary to rig up to the next highest tier. You need two like items (Armor, Melee, Ranged, Special) and one other, though you may combine three of a kind of the same tier. Example; Two Tier 3 Melee and one Tier 3 Armor to make a Tier 4 Melee.

Riggers may also Rig up Explosive Consumables into higher tiers, requiring three of a like tier to rig up into a higher tiered explosive. Example; Three Tier Two Explosives into One Tier 3 Explosive.

Rigging Healing items requires the General Perk: Pharmacist, available at creation or by reading five Basic First Aid books. Like rigging explosives, the Healing Items must be all the same tier.

Rigging is posted to a Topic in Transaction Receipts, and should be posted as follows;

Character X Rigs
T3 Armor
T3 Armor
T3 Melee
T4 Armor (You may specify giving this item to another character or keeping it)

When rigging for another character, it should be posted as follows
Character X Rigs for Character Y
T3 Armor
T3 Armor
T3 Melee
T4 Armor

All items must be in one character's inventory, Limited to 4 Rigs per day per Player.

Breaking Down Gear
Gear of any tier can be converted into Raw Materials of the same tier by anyone for the purpose of crafting, you need only post a transaction receipt after un-boxing said items.
For Example: A Tier 3 Armor can be converted into a Tier 3 Raw Materials.

Breaking Down Raw Materials
You may break down Raw Materials into their lower tier components, at a loss.
For example: You can convert a Tier 3 Raw Material into Two Tier 2 Raw Materials.

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