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Mechanic: Knowledge Checks

Your characters are more than just combat perks and gear tiers, you have knowledge. A drop of this can overwhelm an army of force, and it's encouraged to try to observe your surroundings and think. Knowledge checks exist so you can ask the Host of an Adventure for hints on how to proceed, or even discover something interesting about the lore of an area! Knowledge checks are supposed to be a key to open new doors and opportunities for characters and their players to interact with the world, and Hosts of adventures and players are encouraged to use the mechanic to enhance RP and to 'get unstuck' if they have no clue what to do in a given situation.

Roll 1D100, a critical failure results in a headache. Anything above 50 is a 'Hint Worthy' success. Anything over 90, and you might get some interesting exposition. A critical success and you might just open a whole new branch to the story.
Note: If your character has the Tagged Skill or is a member of the Race next to the appropriate 'Knowledge' type, gain +10 to your roll, this bonus stacks. Certain perks that add bonuses to skill checks of an appropriate Tagged Skill apply to the corresponding knowledge checks. (Example: Jack of All Apples grants +5 to all Skill Based Rolls.)

Ballistics(Big Guns/Small Guns/Gryphon)
Knowledge of weaponry that lays down lead, as well as its capabilities.

Knowledge of chemical compositions, materials, and reactivity.

Knowledge on the little known historical facts of history, deeper than the big picture.

Knowledge of treatments and diseases.

Knowledge of spells, rituals, and traditions.

Not necessarily a knowledge type, but a reflection of how observant you are. Used to spot things of interest.

Survival (Survival/Unarmed/Earth Pony)
Knowledge of surviving in the wasteland. What plants are poisonous, where to find certain items, and what's dangerous.

Knowledge of reading a situation and how to best approach it.

Technology(Science/Energy Guns/Robot)
Knowledge of applied sciences, computers, and robotics.

Knowledge on local customs, street gangs, the value of items, and rumors on the streets.

Mechanics: Skillcheck
To perform a Skillcheck, you first announce what you will be attempting in your post(Adding it in brackets at the end of your post really helps.)
Note: Some perks/chems grant bonuses to skillchecks.

Then roll 5D100.

  • Every roll over 50(After modifiers) is counted as a success
  • Every roll over 90(After modifiers) counts as two successes.
  • A roll of 100(Before Modifiers) means it's a Miraculous Success. (Usually instant unless stated otherwise.)
  • A single roll of 1 means it's a Critical Failure. (A roll of 100 with negate a roll of 1)
  • For every creature with the same Tagged Skill as you offering assistance you may either add an additional D100 or +5 to every roll.

Note: Some Skillchecks require the spending of raw materials.

Lock Picking:
Requires Tagged Skill: Sneak
Requires a Lockpick/Bobbypin(T1 Raw Material) Failure to pick a lock or a roll of 1 breaks the Lockpick.

  • Tier 3 Lock: 3 Successes
  • Tier 4 Lock: 4 Successes
  • Tier 5 Lock: 5 Successes
  • Tier 6 Lock: 6 Successes

Failure to pick a lock breaks the lockpick(Lose one T1 Raw Material)
Critical Failure breaks the lockpick and increases the Lock Tier by 1

Requires Tagged Skill: Science
Allows you to access terminals and recover restricted information or unlock magnetically locked security doors/vaults.

  • Tier 3 Encryption: 2 Successes
  • Tier 4 Encryption: 3 Successes
  • Tier 5 Encryption: 4 Successes
  • Tier 6 Encryption: 5 Successes

Miraculous Success grants permanent access
Success grants access to the terminal's information/functions
Critical Failure results in permanent lockout from the terminal
Failure results in needing to attempt again at +1 Encryption tier difficulty

Requires Tagged Skill: Sneak
(Pickpocket is treated as a combat roll, and is covered under Combat Mechanics: Misc)

Requires Race: Changeling
Requires: Physically disguising character
The ability to mask your appearance from detection of those looking for you.

  • Tier 0 Disguise: 1 Success (A fake mustache, still requiring a Detection roll)
  • Tier 1 Disguise: 2 Successes
  • Tier 2 Disguise: 3 Successes
  • Tier 3 Disguise: 4 Successes
  • Tier 4 Disguise: 5 Successes
  • Tier 5 Disguise: 6 Successes

Each Success counts towards a Tier of Disguise
Miraculous Success is an automatic Tier 5 Disguise
Failure (0 Successes) results in the disguise not being applied
Critical Failure results in a disguise that will be immediately detectable
Changelings always start with 2 successes
For every Tier of Disguise, the difficulty of Detection increases by 5
A Disguise lasts one scene, and must be re-applied at the beginning of each new scene.
You may opt to not roll additional dice once you achieve the Tier of Disguise you desire.
IE; Changelings never have to roll if they merely wish to have a Tier 1 disguise.

Detection Disguise:
Treated as a combat roll(Roll To-Hit), and may be rolled with reasonable suspicion.
Difficulty=What must be rolled to Hit target character modified by +5 for every Disguise Tier

Disarm Explosive:
Requires Tagged Skill: Explosives
Allows the disarming of planted explosives, mines, and other traps.
The difficulty of the Disarm is equal to the tier of the trap's Tier(Explosive or otherwise)

  • Tier 1 Explosive/Trap: 1 Success
  • Tier 2 Explosive/Trap: 2 Successes
  • Tier 3 Explosive/Trap: 3 Successes
  • Tier 4 Explosive/Trap: 4 Successes
  • Tier 5 Explosive/Trap: 5 Successes
  • Tier 6 Explosive/Trap: 6 Successes
  • Tier 7 Explosive/Trap: 7 Successes
  • Tier 8 Explosive/Trap: 8 Successes

Success disarms the trap
Miraculous Success disarms the trap and adds it to your inventory as Raw Material equal to trap Tier.
Failure to disarm the trap sets off the trap, dealing full damage to those in the affected area.
Critical Failure sets off the trap, dealing double damage to those in the affected area.

Requires General Perk: Rigging
Requires Tagged Skill: Science
Allows the repair, restoration, or construction of defensible walls, doors, and equipment.
When a faction base, home, or other similar structure/equipment is damaged in battle, it will require repair.

  • Tier 3 Defenses: 2 Successes
  • Tier 4 Defenses: 3 Successes
  • Tier 5 Defenses: 4 Successes
  • Tier 6 Defenses: 5 Successes

-Each repair attempt costs 1 Tier 1 Raw Material(Or equivalent value worth of Raw Materials) per Tier of Defense, and for each Rigger lending aid, an additional Tier 1 Raw Material must be spent.
-To construct a defensible wall/structure, the equivalent Raw Material Tier must be used. IE; to make a wall/door/cover resistant to Explosive up to Tier 3, a Tier 3 Raw Material must be used.
-Constructing new defenses requires one less success than repairing old ones(While repairing old defenses is far cheaper)
-Improving existing structures requires said structure to be a Faction base and costs Leadership Points found in Faction Bonuses.
-Repairing Faction Defenses requires materials the same way existing structures can be repaired.
-Repair only fixes one structure at a time.

Strength Check
Treated as combat roll, 50 base + 10 per increments of 10 feet leapt. -10 Base difficulty to Earth Ponies. ((Use common sense, if the gaps not a huge chasm, don't bother rolling.))
If it it an object your character would be able to move/lift normally, do not bother rolling(Be reasonable, use common sense. Some characters/races are stronger than others)
If extra effort is required, reference below:
Roll 5D100

  • For every success, you are able to lift/drag 100 pounds.
  • For every Critical Success, you lift/drag 200 pounds.
  • For every Miraculous success, you lift/drag 300 pounds.

Failure results in the object not being moved.
-A critical failure results in taking 1 damage.

If you are an Earth Pony/Robot add 1 Dice or add 10 to every roll.
Add 1 Dice or +5 to each roll for every character offering assistance

Bluff Check
Requirement: Speech
Your ability to bargain with, lie to, or press for information. Useful only on NPC characters/Merchants.

  • 2 Successes: Small Discount/Embellished Truth/Common Information
  • 3 Successes: Moderate Discount/White Lie/Uncommon Information
  • 4 Successes: Large Discount/Tall Tale/Guarded Information
  • 5 Successes: Free Item/Unbelievable Claims/Secret Information

For every pony backing up your claim, even if they don't have Speech tagged, +5 for each roll
For every pony with speech tagged assisting you, roll an additional D100
Anyone may attempt to Bluff check, but at at an increased difficulty of +1 success necessary
-If the NPC is biased against you, increase the difficulty of each success to 60
-If the NPC hates you, +1 success roll is necessary at 60 difficulty per success.
-If the NPC is biased towards you, decrease the difficulty of each roll to 40
-If the NPC is Friendly, -1 success necessary at 40 difficulty per success
Those controlling the NPC (Host/Merchant) may choose to ignore this mechanic for the sake of a story/scene.
Note: Good roleplay trumps this mechanic. Period.

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