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Charm Laces( Existing Character)

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Name: Charm Laces

   SL Login Name: Alushee essex

   Languages Spoken: Common, Changeling.

   Species/Race: Changeling
   Cutie Mark:
Scissors crossed over a comb behind a decorated pony skull, with a red bow on her flank, for what is assumed to be her talent for more modern art, she very clean but like her body beautiful and wild she was very rebellious against what any would call Normal.  

   Allegiance/Faction Steel Rangers/Hive

   Appearance (Image or short description.)Charm is a small unicorn pony with a cream colored coat, her mane and tail are royal blue with black stripes though them both, often kept in a wild manner much like her attitude.

Her eyes are a sapphire blue, matched with an almost roguish smile. Piercings are pinched though her ears, around her eyes ,face, hind legs, and even on her back, each laces with black and blue ribbons.

   Character Tagged Skills: Flight, Melee, Unarmed

Skill Abilities: Beast With-In (VIII), Meteor Drop (VIII), Second Wind (VIII)

   Character Perks Race -  Hive Mentality, Hypnotize, Captain of the Guard
   Character Perks General - A little Dash, Tribal Warrior, Gladiator Pony
   Starting Gear (Already in the system)

   Biography/Brief History

Born in stable 75 Charm stole her mother's life when she was born, hated by her father for dire years and abused by hims she was finally given to the Over mare whom only watched over her, and made sure she was out of trouble or rather tried.

Charm was always curious but never hurt anypony at least not till she was older, Then she started to rebel, making art out of bones, tattooing herself making things that were not right like death was something she liked it was beautify it didn't have to be ugly.

Finally she started to calm down a little when she was allowed to be the beautician of the Stable, giving wild mane cuts and odd piercings before she went back to parties behind the over mares back and started drinking ALOT. Charm got in on drugs mint-alts, and some dash but it was only a little she rarely used them.

When she drew the lot to have a child she found out her father had surgically removed her womb when she was a child out of spite for killing her mother in birth. Charm lost her mind drinking more, attacking security, drugs even managed to wind up in Isolation, when she finally calmed down she decided she needed to leave and she got help in the form of a alicorn that have shown up to extract the blue one that was in their stable.

After charm made it out sides she was disoriented, drunk, and scared, she then was saved by the Steel rangers of Little Cliff Side, and taken as an Initiate. Charm trained with the Rangers and learned to want to protect things rather then destroy them.

Charm ended up adopting a small colt named Whip, and took him under her wing getting him and her self off drugs aside from drinking, after loosing her leg to a raider. Not long afterwards she got a new one from a prosthetic made by the rangers with some old world schismatics.

Charm Is currently a Knight in the Little Cliffside, her current Mission is to seek out forms of tech over all of equestria and aid ponies of all kinds in their struggles. She wears a Prototype Beta set of ranger armor, unlike the released T-51 models this was a precursor to it, heavier armor with Old style Bolted parts less smooth lookin'.  

During her travels around looking for things to bring home she had gotten drunk and shipwrecked someplace near Diablo Canyon, She made her way to the little town there,working hard in a job with a mafia mare name Half note, before realizing how corrupt she was. She soon found her self drunk once more and living in a house of changelings.

This was kinda frightening at first, most of them didn't like her or wanted her to leave, but she proved she could be a friend and much more to the changelings over time. She stayed with them through thick and thin, fighting Manticores,enclave, and even a star spawn  in aid of her hive. While she had loyalties to the rangers she would never betray the changelings for anyone.

After Diablo Canyon was lost to a sink hole she found herself wandering with what members of the hive she could though ultimately was lost, her self during a fight. The mare was wondering about in the wastes before she happens upon a cave she though the hive might be hiding in, unfortunately for her she was caught buy a different hive, rather then killing her since she spoke their language the took her to their queen and forced her to become a member of their hive to boast their dwindling numbers. And while she retains her memories they beat her down when she tries to fight back against them.  They send her out on mission into towns around the area.

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