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Pylii Na Sapygida

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Changeling (Sapygida Cannibal)

Cutie Mark


Appearance (Image or short description.)
Changeling Form: A thin and alien-looking creature, even for a changeling, with abnormal proportions and deep colorations that shift from blue to purple depending on how strong Pylii is at the given time.
Pony Form: A somewhat bookish mare with heavier proportions than most females of her age, with a dark coat and lavender eyes. She has a tendency to smirk a fair bit, and is one of the very few wastelanders that wears glasses. Whether these help her eyesight or not is up to question, though.

Character Skills
Speech, Medicine, Science

Character Perks - General
Field Medic, Cannibal, Jury Rigging

Character Perks - Racial
Hypnotize, Captain of the Guard, Split Personality

'Take New Form' - Changeling shapeshifting. For a Sapygida cannibal, this also hides their presence from other changelings, but prevents them from noticing their own kind unless in direct contact.
'Lenscraft' - The art of shaping glass or similar materials in nearly microscopic ways, altering the way they bend or reflect light so as to alter the image seen through them. This is a complex spell, and Pylii can only cast it because of her familiarity with transformative magics.
When repairing objects made very specifically out of glass or crystal and using this spell, normal failure is treated as 'No Progress' and has no negative effect beyond nothing happening. Critical Failure is treated as Normal failure. This has no effect on materials of any other kind.

Starting Gear
Special - 5 ( Glasses of Arcane Sight - When worn by a living creature and looked through, Glasses of Arcane Sight allow seeing the world as though in daylight, making light sources redundant... and also making items that are arcane in nature shimmer slightly, revealing their aura to the wearer. This aura isn't particularly understandable, however, unless that wearer understands magical auras, but it does tend to reveal the presence of magic within things that are seemingly ordinary. )

Biography/Brief History
Once, long ago, changelings feared the name 'Sapygida'. The infesters of hives and topplers of regents. Sapygida changelings were somewhat solitary creatures and were renowned for their exemplary ability to blend in... but infamous for how they primarily used this against other changelings. Where most changelings fed on the love of ponies, Sapygida would feed on others of their own kind, notorious cannibals that used the very strengths of the species against their own. If ever there was a bogeyman for changelings, the Sapygida would be the right pick for it.

This is, of course, something of a time long past. In this era the Sapygida have declined miserably with the loss of so many ponies and their favorite form of prey, and over a dozen generations have begun to revert towards their original state of being more like ordinary changelings. Pylii Sapygida is one of a long line of her kind, without a hive or much of a family, that has learned to survive on very little and make ends meet in the darkest of times; gone are the days when the fearsome Sapygida prowled the hives of rival factions, and now are the times of trying to live day to day, retrieving what little food she can from her surroundings and merely subsisting.

Pylii has learned the trade that her mother had learned from her own mother, that of utilizing their rather potent changeling magic in order to eke out a living as ponies by 'crafting' and 'repairing', using their powers to perform simple transformative tasks on objects. In the case of Pylii, this takes the form of lenscrafting; the delicate and extremely complex art of shaping tiny pieces of glass into shapes that deform and alter the light that passes through, in order to make glasses for correcting vision problems as well as a myriad of other light-shaping tasks such as for binoculars, scopes, lasers, and robotic sensors.

Pylii uses this talent of hers for lenscrafting in order to help ponies around her live a safer and easier life, and in return subsists on the gratitude and affection of communities she assists. Over time, she has even started to take on the role of impromptu physician, using her extensive knowledge of biology (she's had most forms of biology herself after all) to help ponies in grave need.

But as she travels, Pylii feels the instinct of a predator tug at her almost all the time, and she fears the day when she might be unable to resist the urge to feed more... directly.

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