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The Rules
These rules are adapted from Diablo Canyon, where a majority of this community has come from. The System and its Rules were written primarily by the Admin team of Roanoak and are being used with permission from Imperious so that this community may continue to Roleplay. It is for this reason we will not stray from what DC was, foremost, a community of roleplayers engaging in cooperative storytelling.

The Golden Rule: Don’t Be A Jerk.
The above rule has always been the golden rule, and it will always be as such. If your idea of fun negatively impacts others, then you have broken this rule.

FoE Journeys is an RP Group -- this means you need a character. Character applications are accepted on our forums Under the "Character Application" Section. If you are not interested in RP, feel free to be a pop on an OOC tag and observe. As you are watching Roleplay, remember you are a guest and not to disturb Roleplay, failure to heed this will result in a Verbal Warning followed by Parcel Ejection and possibly a ban.

FoE Journeys is in an Adult Rated Sim with a Mature audience and themes. The 'M' rating is to allow for certain settings and situations that may be beyond a General rating, such as RP combat or colorful vernacular – but this is in no way a blanket excuse to be a jerk. You can be in a Mature rated region and yet not be an ass.

The ‘M’ rating in FoE Journeys is also not an excuse for ‘adult’ shenanigans. If you opt to have character relationships, that's fine. Your limitation is anything that'd be appropriate in a PG-13 film. If you are caught partaking in sexual activity, or very obviously partaking in sexual activity in instant messages whilst using the setting as atmosphere: your characters will all receive Contemptuous Debuffs for a week.

FoE: Journeys is an RP sandbox. Resident players here can rez anything anywhere they like, within reason, to promote RP. Membership requires an approved character on the Journeys forum and time spent playing in the region.

Most houses and buildings are acquired by putting your stuff in one. If there is nothing in a building, it is available for use. The caveat here is that if you have not been in-sim for three weeks or more, your stuff will be returned to make room for active players. Adding to the region by creating new buildings or repairing existing ones is permitted, but check with the land owner first. Remember to keep an eye on prims!
Above all – have fun! If there is anything we can do to promote your story, speak with any of the region managers or RP Leads about it!

The small stuff:

Need a group invite to the land group? Just ask a moderator – we will invite you. It is controlled just to prevent litter from sordid visitors.

OOC happens, but don’t let it distract others. This includes huge congregations of people watching RP. If you want to know what is going on, be IC and go participate!

You are going to get roughed up eventually IC. We have built enough safety into characters to permit strife. In general, unless you invite the misery and walk into situations deserving death over and over, you probably aren’t going to lose your character.

Characters from pre-war era will be very rare (and probably all NPCs). Unless you’re a ghoul, please try to find a contemporary character. It hurts immersion to have links to the past – the majority of folks shouldn’t have much of a clue or a care about Equestria of 200 years ago.

No, you probably can’t play a character from the story. Yes, we will know if it is just a renamed character from the story. We’ve got nerds on staff who read every page! Additionally, NPCs and/or NPC monsters are entirely administratively driven. Players may not create one without approval.

You have to be an adult to RP in FoE: Journeys (18+). So, we expect you to behave like an adult. This includes working out your problems (or at least trying to) before contacting an administrator. If you are generally just a negative Nancy and are perpetually creating strife, you will cordially be removed from the region.

The whole idea behind FoE: Journeys is that players write the story. You define the world by your actions. Everything you do will have a repercussion: if you rob merchants, merchants will come less. If you start rebuilding a destroyed building, it will literally be rebuilt. If you establish law and order, conditions will improve. If you interact with other players and generate your own fun, NPCs will come to you. Don’t let the admins write your destiny! Instead, make us participate in it!

Loot nodes on region are intended to enhance RP. As such, you must be IC when searching for them. Use of script finders or client side enhancements to find the drops is prohibited. In addition, nodes may only be looted by a player once: you may not use multiple accounts to farm. ((May be revised, as we may be moving away from the Node System.))

You must use the HUD and dice roller provided by us while in region. No exceptions.

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