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Chirp Existing character Rebirth

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1 Chirp Existing character Rebirth on Sat Jul 02, 2016 12:51 am

• Name: Chirp
       - Second life name: Alushee essex
   • Age:19
   • Sex: Mare
   • Species: Changeling
       - Race: Changeling

   • Description: Chirp is a Nekropolis changeling, his is black with red eyes, one slight drifted off to the side from being hit to many times in the head. She's  overly trusting of ponies, and likes to smile alot and treat most well though she does have abandonment issues.

   • Brief Background: Chirp was found in the Nekropolis Hive before it moved and allowed to go outside and explore only to find when she had returned  the hive had moved and left her behind Chirp ended wandering the waste looking for new home.

General Perks: Infiltrator, Thief, Mare-Do-Ill

Racial Perks: Split Personality, Many Hats, Hypnotize

Tagged Skills: Sneak, Flight, Speech

Skill Abilities: Turn Tail (III), Sleight of Hoof (VI), Stealth (IV)

Pre-Existing Equipment from DC: 5 Armor | 4 Ranged | 3 Melee | 3 Special
   • Strengths:  Is rather nice earning her points with most ponies, honest, tries hard to make a good impression with others,

   • Weaknesses:  She  is weak to fire and ice magics, she can't really swim very well, and she's a slow thinker, rather clumsy at times as well.

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2 Re: Chirp Existing character Rebirth on Mon Jul 04, 2016 6:18 pm


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