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DC Character: Moonstone

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1DC Character: Moonstone Empty DC Character: Moonstone on Fri Jul 01, 2016 2:12 pm

Name: Moonstone
SL Login Name: Damarik Dragoone

Age: 20

Languages Spoken (You may choose two to start with.)
Options: Common, Zebrican
Gender: Male
Species/Race: 72% Unicorn, 28% Chiropteran Pegasus (Batpony)
Allegiance/Faction: Himself

Cutie Mark:
DC Character: Moonstone Balefi10

Physical Appearance:
DC Character: Moonstone Moonst10
Character Tagged Skills: Explosives, Magic: Elementalism, Magic: Thaumaturgy

Character Perks - General
Meltdown, Splash Damage, "Don't Worry, I'm an Expert"

Character Perks - Racial
Mighty Spell I & II, Noble Blooded

Existing Tiered Gear:
T4 Armored Coat, T5 Laser Rifle, T4 Bayonette, T4 Explosives Crafting Kit

Non-Tier Gear: Lantern containing a plume of Balefire (Cannot be used), Spellcraft Kit, writing implements and filled/empty small spell books

Biography/Brief History:
Growing up around the former monument that was once a royal airship at the base of Mount Canterhorn, Moonstone was introduced to the harsh realities of life in the wastes at an early age. Due to exposure to radiation leakage from a massive experimental battery used to power the airship, and because of his lineage and heritage, the Unicorn/Chiropteran Pegasus hybrid is stunted in height. Having reached the end of his growth stage, the diminutive unicorn stands shorter than most common mares.

Moonstone began traveling when he became separated from his scavenging party one day. His journey would take him across the wastes of Equestria and into unknown lands. His wanderings led him to become something of a nomad in general, never feeling right staying in one place for too long. It's because of this that his time in the outer-regions was short lived. Having lived in a small settlement called Diablo Canyon for a bit, Moonstone abandoned that plagued desolation after a tragic event took the life of one of his only friends.

Returning to Equestria was no different. Making his living as a look-out for trade caravans brought him back to the wreckage of the E.S.S. Silverlight at the base of Canterlot's mountainous peak. Finding it completely abandoned now, he set off once more, taking what little was left, in search of a new future.

Words of Note: Rumor has it, for those that know of or have seen this strange loner and his secretive cutie-mark, that the markings on his flanks are not that of a green lotus blossom like some have speculated . . . but an image of the very thing that destroyed Equestria so long ago. It's believed by some that Moonstone has been marked by the Balefire in some way. What makes it more mysterious is how hard he usually tries to keep that mark hidden.

Spell Listing:
=Thaumaturgy: Cantrips=
Light: Spectrefire Spell - creates a green ball of flame similar in appearance to that of Balefire
Scry Magic
Mage Lock: Spectrefire Spell - A burst of Spectrefire shrouds any portal or object locked by Moonstone if anyone attempts to open it. This does no harm, but produces enough heat to seem real. It is a diversion tactic to keep enemies from trying to counter-spell the Mage Lock.
=Thaumaturgy: Protection=
=Thaumaturgy: Arcane=
Teleport: Spectrefire Spell - Moonstone's magic seems embued by the emerald flames. Even when he teleports away, he leaves a burst of green fire instead of the average magical flash.

=Elementalism: Fire=
Fireball: Spectrefire Spell - creates a green fireball similar in appearance to Balefire. It is not radioactive, nor fueled by necromancy, but it does burn on contact and burns slightly hotter than normal.
Firewall: Spectrefire Spell - the wall of flame produced is green in appearance, similar to Balefire. Again, while not radioactive or fueled by necromancy, it burns on contact and has a temperature slightly above normal.

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2DC Character: Moonstone Empty Re: DC Character: Moonstone on Fri Jul 01, 2016 3:48 pm

Character approved: 7/1/2016

You have 3 SP left - you can use them to reduce the difficulty of a few of your spells, if you wish.

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