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Character Application: Flannery

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1Character Application: Flannery Empty Character Application: Flannery on Sun Jun 26, 2016 11:22 pm

NAME: Flannery
SL LOGIN NAME: Derpanater
AGE: 28
LANGUAGES: Common, Low Common
GENDER: Female
SPECIES: Gryphon
FACTION: Steel Rangers: Detrot Chapter
APPEARANCE: Red feathers and mahogany fur, yellow eyes with a purple pattern around the sockets
CHARACTER TAGGED SKILLS: Medicine, Sneak, Flight
CHARACTER PERKS - GENERAL: First in Class, Field Medic, Abomination Hunter
CHARACTER PERKS - RACIAL: Junior Speedster-Fancy Flying, Steel Claw, Hawk Eye
STARTING GEAR: Tier 4 Armor, Tier 1 Special
HISTORY/BRIEF BIOGRAPHY: GFP-1392504. If there was any combination of numbers that were even more unfortunate, the universe hasn't bothered revealing it. This is the ID number given to one Private Flannery of the Detrot Steel Rangers. She trained to be field medic and scout, but all her training couldn't properly prepare her for the horrors that lied in the forsaken city. Her first mission was an almost complete disaster, heavy casualties suffered by both Rangers and civilians, and a mission critical item being lost. Were it entirely her fault, she would have been discharged. Instead she has to contend with the fact that her best wasn't good enough, and that it'll be a long time before she can see rank past private.

Her time spent in Detrot has steeled her, her usually overtly kind nature replaced with the knowledge of brutality and horrors that exist, like the deadmare. Even so, there's still more for her to learn. For now, she works hard to redeem herself of her failures and to become better then what she is now. But can she really make 1392504 just a number, or will her unlucky streak finally end her?

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2Character Application: Flannery Empty Re: Character Application: Flannery on Mon Jul 04, 2016 6:31 pm


Character Approved 7/6/16
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