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E: Character Progression

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Character Progression

LEVELS supplied by gear are semi-permanent, in the sense that gear can be broken or lost. Think of gear as your traditional video game “buffs.” Gear levels fluctuate, and will likely be the easiest way to increase a character’s strength. For the purpose of ease, possession of an item is all that is required. The details are as follows:
There are four item categories: Ranged, Melee, Armor, and Special. Item levels do not stack in an alike category. So, for example: if you have a level (7) and a level (3) ranged weapon, that does not equal (10). Instead, you would use the highest level as your contribution figure (7).

Gear is controlled by the moderation, in the sense that we shall document who has what, and act as the “randomization” factor. To put it into perspective: when a player completes their journey through a ruined vault and finds a cache of gear, it will be an administrator rolling to determine what item they find.

All characters begin with 5 points worth of gear, which are selected at discretion of the individual. You can distribute it as you see fit--so, if you want to waste all 5 on a weapon, feel free.
Items worn by players DO NOT have to be specifically named or fit a given appearance, the equipment list exists to offer equivalency and allow administrators to reference when granting awards.

BASE LEVELS are earned through experience and time played. For the most part, these types of increases will be more difficult to obtain and are permanent to a character. Good behavior, community involvement, and consistently Hosting good Adventures(or participating in them) is a good way to earn these highly sought after rewards.

Note: You may only have a Maximum of 10 Base Levels on a single character.

TAGGED SKILLS determine which trees you have the ability to spend skill points in.

ACTION POINTS (AP) are points that replenish automatically at the conclusion of a scene. This is essentially your mana pool, and it is comparable to your level. If you are level 10, you have 10 AP. You use AP to perform special abilities that are associated to your tagged skills. You must unlock these skills first by spending skill points.

SKILL POINTS (SP) are points that you receive upon leveling up. You use these points to buy special abilities inside of your tagged skill trees. Once you spend a skill point, it does not replenish. Some perks give you additional skill points in specific tagged skill trees. As skill points reflect your level, you may go into a negative balance on skill points if you hand off gear. For example: if you are level 20, you have 20 skill points. Assuming you spend all 20 points already, and then wind up becoming level 18 after selling some of your gear, you will have -2 skill points.

TAGGED SKILL ABILITIES are the actual special moves/spells that you as a character may perform. Each has a skill point cost associated with it that is equivalent to its AP cost during use. For example:
Till it Goes Click - Cost 6 - Difficulty 80 - Make an attack at two different targets in a single round.
Till it Goes Click <- the ability name.
Cost 6 <- the AP cost to use the skill -- also the amount of skill points required to unlock the skill.
Difficulty 80 <- the roll required for skill to be activated.

Difficulty may be decreased by spending more points on the tagged skill ability. The difficulty decreases by 10 for every additional point you spend on the skill. In the above example, after spending 6 points to purchase Till it Goes Click, an additional 8 points will make the skill automatically successful.

PERKS are selected at character creation, however throughout a character's growth, he or she has the opportunity to add two additional perks to their collection: (1) at the level 30, which may be selected from either their racial tree or the general tree, and (2) through the consumption of books available in world.

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