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Existing Character: Empyrean Ether

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1Existing Character: Empyrean Ether Empty Existing Character: Empyrean Ether on Wed Jun 22, 2016 11:44 pm

Name: Empyrean Ether
SL Login Name: Xemos Shim
Age: 30
Languages Spoken: Common, High Northern
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Unicorn
Note: if your species option is not listed on the perks list, select the closest racial tree.
Cutie Mark: A flaming comet
Allegiance/Faction: None
Appearance: A blonde brown coated unicorn covered in scars. An artificial pink horn pokes out from behind his bangs. He's constantly soft and grumpy.
Character Tagged Skills: Small Guns, Magic: Thaumaturgy, Speech
Character Perks - General: Leader, Abomination Hunter , A Little Dash
Character Perks - Racial: Null Word, Expert Spells, Advanced Spells (Noble Blooded) Extra perk added due to being over lvl 30
Starting Gear: Armor: 7 Ranged: 6 Melee: 6 Special: 5
Biography/Brief History: Empyrean Ether. Former Steel Ranger, And former slave to boot, he wandered the wasteland learning to deal with the loss of his horn after running afoul of raiders. Over the years he became hardened, adapted to his handicap. Eventually he found his way to the Diablo Canyon and settled down, tired and willing to attempt to build something in the wasteland, rather than just destroy. After leaving the capital of Morninglight, the unicorn wandered for months with caravans, eventually cresting a rise to find....Dragons End.

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2Existing Character: Empyrean Ether Empty Re: Existing Character: Empyrean Ether on Wed Jun 22, 2016 11:50 pm


Approved 6/22/2016
Database Updated.

So round.

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