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Cinnamon Text

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1Cinnamon Text Empty Cinnamon Text on Mon Jun 20, 2016 4:18 pm

Name: Cinnamon Text
SL Login: Azezal Resident
Age: 27
Languages spoken: Pony, Zebra
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Earth Pony
Cutie Mark: -Still debated-
Allegiance/Faction: None.
Appearance: A tall lanky pony, Cinnamon Text is generally seen quivering and with clear signs of sleep deprevation on his face. With a body of dirt and chocolate coloring. He is generally attempted to be clean and neat.
Character Skills: Repair, Science, Speech.
Character Perks - Jury rigging, pharmacist, language tutor
Character Perks - juggerpony, way of the fruit, Healing of the Earth Mother.
Starting Gear T5 Armor, T4 Range, T4 Melee, T5 Special.
Biography/Brief History
Cinnamon text, a pony who seems to feel he was born in the wrong time. Of course he is far from the only one, but he has taken to the learning of the old world quite well. He is easily self taught and his love for books and learning have brought him far. He treats his books like they are rare gems and it has taken him from home to seek more knowledge, to learn more, to become better at what he does. A traveling scholar in a time like this.

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Character Approved 6/20/16
Database Updated

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