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H: Character Endings

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Character Endings

The environment is hostile. The more hostile it is, the more likely the reward. As such, player damage is a possibility for those willing to take that chance. There are, however, many ways to avoid imminent demise. If a player enters a situation in which he or she reaches 0 HP:

Mercy Check: player rolls 1d100. A roll of 50 or greater spares them of all penalty (minus HP damage/necessity to heal). The character is now unconscious. If the roll is failed, proceed to Gear Damage.
Gear Damage: the player rolls a 1d4 to determine which item slot is impacted (1 is armor, 2 is ranged, 3 is melee, 4 is special). The selected slot suffers wear, down grading one tier. The unconscious character may also be looted of up to 50% of their caps.

Permanent death is a rare situation. In the event a character is entirely killed, all of their items and caps are available for looting. However, permanent ends can only occur in the following instances:

Player Suicide: Your character inflicts harm with the intent to kill themselves and succeeds in reaching 0 HP. (Unless part of story plot.)

Contemptuous Debuff: if your character demonstrates a clear lack of concern for their well being (or outright challenges everything it sees), you may be placed under a "contemptuous debuff" by the administration. In this instance, you will be notified by a moderator and given a length of time in which your character is at risk for permanent death if they are brought to 0 HP again.

Protection While Contemptuous: if your character has contemptuous, they may seek protection and safety among one of the various faction bases. You may move around freely as you wish. However, should the faction base you are in be informed that it is going to be attacked, you will no longer be allowed to move to another faction base, will be expected to be present for the battle that takes place, and will have your contemptuous debuff extended by 48 hours (to account for the time that the would-be attackers must wait to be able to attack). Contemptuous can only be extended in this fashion once.

You may replace an existing character with a new one, keeping all base levels, one equipped item, all caps, and one inventory item. The character you are replacing is deleted and becomes irretrievable.

You may retire a character to move their Base Levels. A grace period of 30 Days is allotted by which you may bring a retired character back. If you bring a Retired character back, all base levels moved off of them are returned to that character.

It happens, your character dies and you want some method of bringing them back--This is a rare circumstance, as Death is mostly up to player discretion as it is. Wishing to resurrect a Dead Character requires a Grand Adventure and will likely be a very long process. It may also be outright refused.

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