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Wagon Worries

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1Wagon Worries Empty Wagon Worries on Sun Jun 19, 2016 7:10 am


Radio Channel 93.7: Bounty Buffs
"Howdy yall, this is Maybell! Oim sendin' out word that somethin's ahoof on the long road headin' out South from the new settlement of Tumbleweed! There's some onery varmint causin' a ruckus and done broke my daddy's wagon! Go kill it n' recover his wagon and I'll give yah 300 caps! Daddy said he'd give you something from the wagon, too! We'd be mighty grateful!"

SL Name of Host: Niles Cournoyer
Adventure Summary:
Kill or run off the nasty critter near the ruined wagon outside Tumbleweed!
Suggested items: T4 Weapon
Characters Participating: Any!
Defeat or run off the nasty critter!
300 Caps, 1 common Loot Node
Level of Danger:
Low! Level 10+ Scales

Please contact the Host to start this Bounty Adventure.

Status: Complete

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