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Somber Night

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1 Somber Night on Sun Jun 19, 2016 12:41 am

Name (Character) - Somber Night

SL Login Name - Tone Defarge

Age - 29

Languages Spoken - Common, High Northern

Gender - Male

Species/Race -  Pegasus

Cutie Mark - Celtic crescent moon with a star in the middle.

Allegiance/Faction - Wasteland

Appearance -

Character Tagged Skills - Flight, Science, Energy Weapons

Character Perks - General
                                        A little Dash
                                        Focus Fire

Character Perks - Racial
                                        Fancy Flying
                                        Cat Nap
                                        Flash Sculpting

Starting Gear (Maximum of 5 points worth.)
Armor 5, Ranged 0, Melee 0, Special 0.

Biography/Brief History

Somber grew up most of his life on the surface. Being born between two ponies that still took to worshiping the old gods, in turn he was born with a unusual coat as if his fur was made of stars, but this did not bring much beyond just what the others in his community would call a "Blessing." The church lasted for some time and it didn't take long for Empyrean to feel as if there was much more out in the real world beyond Faith.  

He did set out to discover more about the so called 'Enclave', hearing that there where plenty of other Pegasus around beyond the branded ones he usually encountered. But alas with no luck and little to see of what remained of the force above, he continued on his own path towards salvation. He eventually ran into what appeared to be a mercenary group huddled and living in a shopping center dead in the middle of a ruined town. To his own suprise he was taken in with open arms and trained in useful skills that would benefit the group, but unlike the church this group was much more extreme to his liking. One night trying to slip away he made it out to a desert, seemingly lost and alone against what appeared to be countless monsters trying to eat him. Just as things turned out to be the end,  the leader approached to save his hide, and returned him to base.

But this is not where it all ended. The leader told him he couldn't just wander out like that and expect to leave. Placing a collar over him, he was officially claimed as property of the  Gibliteers. But in Empyrean's mind, this was the only way he would survive the waste. And from here on he decided to stay a loyal slave to his protectors, doing what he must to survive.

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2 Re: Somber Night on Sun Jun 19, 2016 5:18 am


Character Approved 6/19/16
Database Updated

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