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Mesmer [Post Morninglight]

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1Mesmer [Post Morninglight] Empty Mesmer [Post Morninglight] on Fri Jun 17, 2016 8:14 pm

Name: Mesmer
SL Login Name: DoctorRainbowDash Resident
Age: 25
Languages Spoken: Common 100%, Changeling 100%, High Northern 5%
Gender: Male
Species: Changeling (Subclass: Changeling Warrior)
Allegiance: Spectrum Hive (Current Status Unknown)
Appearance: Mesmer [Post Morninglight] Mesmer10
Tagged Skills: Melee, Speech, Unarmed
General Perks: Abomination Hunter, Tribal Warrior, Bringer of Justice
Racial Perks: Hypnotize, Split Personality, Swarm Master
Current Gear: T5 Armor, T5 Ranged, T5 Melee, T4 Special +1 Base Level

Learned Skills: Three Point Shot (VII), Coup De Gras (VIII)

Biography: The desert has not been kind to Mesmer. After the mass-exodus from Morninglight, the Spectrum Hive found themselves trapped within a raging sandstorm in the harsh, barren dust. They became separated, and Mesmer has survived alone, wandering in hopes of reuniting with his friends, and his hive. The sun has addled his brain, and his only source of food has been the terror and fear he imparts on those foolhardy enough to cross his path before they are struck down. Through sheer happenstance, drawn by the faintest whispers of plentiful emotion, has fate pushed him in the direction of habitation.

----------Origin Story Below!-----------

Presley the Unicorn was born into a gang life. His parents were members of the Kings gang, this chapter based out of Roanoak instead of the original gang from New Pegasus in the Equestrian Wasteland. His father was a lieutenant, and when he came of age, Presley took on the same role for most of his adolescent and young adult life.

When he turned 25 years old, Presley decided to leave. He was asked by the Kings to start a new chapter of the gang elsewhere in the Roanoak Wasteland, and he took it upon himself to attempt this goal.

After a year of wandering, he stumbled upon a unicorn stallion by the name of Sol Marionette, who he became quick friends with. And eventually fell for the dashing stallion completely.

Unfortunately for the unicorn, Sol was a projected disguise of a budding changeling hivelord, that hypnotized and captured him, using him for feeding on his emotions until he was no more than a withered husk. Eventually, the hivelord left him behind, presumably for dead.

However, this hivelord's tainted magic had some unknown side effects. The empty shell of an emotionless pony was the perfect place for its own magic to take hold, warping and distorting the broken unicorn into a changeling himself. Dubbing himself Mesmer, the newly grown changeling set off with one goal. Find his creator, and assist the hivelord in whatever plans it may have.

Additional Information: Mesmer is built to hypnotize and control ponies, using his own natural charisma from Presley's upbringing in the Kings gang and amplifying it with the use of his tainted magic. If Mesmer rolls for negotiation or seduction, and succeeds, the affected party will be temporarily under his control, and vulnerable to hypnotic suggestion from Mesmer, should he choose to act upon it.

[I will obtain OOC consent before trying anything of this sort, however. Nobody is gonna get hypnotized unless they are okay with it happening.]

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Character Aprroved 6/17/16
Database Updated.

Softeness increased.

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