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Jumping Jacks' Holotape Journal

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1Jumping Jacks' Holotape Journal Empty Jumping Jacks' Holotape Journal on Mon Jun 13, 2016 1:52 pm

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Yesterday I found another old town, name “Rock Bottom”. It had an old market but the place was picked clean except for this Holotape. Good thing I found it cuz I don't think I'll find my old ones. I found 200 caps total and 2 pieces of torn up Armor. I think it's best to keep going.

I've never heard of Tumble Weed before but that's no surprise the place looks likes it's just getting on its feet. I only saw a handful of ponies but I'm convinced more must live here. Right now I need to replace what I lost and get ready for tomorrow_

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2Jumping Jacks' Holotape Journal Empty Re: Jumping Jacks' Holotape Journal on Mon Jun 13, 2016 1:55 pm

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The Green One introduced himself today, called himself “Derp” and was sealed inside a Rad Suit. I wanted to think he was a ghoul but that wasn't the case. He followed me for who knows how long thru the town before I talked to a Dragon without wings and had one metal arm. I hope he didn't catch me looking at it. Mr. Scales bought the armor pieces I found as well as my other loot and also sold me a gun. The gun doesn't look like it's in the best of conditions but it'll do for now. That Green Colt gives me a headache

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