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Chi-effe : the cheff journals/ notes.

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1 Chi-effe : the cheff journals/ notes. Empty Chi-effe : the cheff journals/ notes. on Sun Jun 12, 2016 7:46 pm

If there is one thing i know it is how to make sometihng of nothing and over the yeras traveling the wastes i have  come up with some prety tasty little delicacies, these food journals shall serve as a reminder for myself on how to make and prepair such things.

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2 Chi-effe : the cheff journals/ notes. Empty Re: Chi-effe : the cheff journals/ notes. on Wed Jun 15, 2016 12:59 pm

just three simple recipies noted toay some more basic ones that altohugh quite common in the wasteland can be risky to get parts for.

Wasteland omelet

pre war dried packaged pasta (1)
crunchy mutfruit (1)
deathclaw egg or any available critter egg (1)
lakelurk or any hard shell critter meat (1)

Bloatfly slider

bloatfly meat (1)
prickly pear fruit (2)

Fire ant fricassée

Cram (1)
fire ant meat (1)
flour (1)

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3 Chi-effe : the cheff journals/ notes. Empty Re: Chi-effe : the cheff journals/ notes. on Fri Jun 17, 2016 6:48 pm

okey now for something a little less known but still prety simple and on the go for any hungry wastelander:

Poultrytato parcels

4 potatoes worth of dried potatoe powder
2 skinless, boneless poultry breast halves - diced
2 medium dried red bell peppers
1 large pickled white onion
3 dried celery ribs

Mountain Stallion Breakfast

1 pound rad pork sausage
1 pickled onion
1 dried clove of garlic
1 dried red bell pepper

1 Dried green bell pepper
1 (2 pound) package dried shredded hash brown potatoes
12 eggs, or 3 wasteland chicken eggs
1 (16 ounce) package shredded cheese

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4 Chi-effe : the cheff journals/ notes. Empty Re: Chi-effe : the cheff journals/ notes. on Thu Aug 04, 2016 9:35 pm

Been so distracted I am supprised I remeebred I had this still, I realy need to add more recipies for keep sakes in here but lately I came into a spot of bother, made a mess of my only set of non work clothes.

To make matters worse the disguise spell Jaque de box put on me soo i could leave with out my families notice and soo they could not track me is starting to wear off, well it has been over a decade now, could not exspect one spell to last forever.

I had hoped to have been far outside equestrians lands even on another island by now soo it would not matter, but i grew attached to the ponies of the city and followed them back into equestria and asm uch as i by instinkt would take my leave and flee back south or across sees one pony or well individual keeps me here.

No it is not that at all i doubt he even knows how I feel or is capable of the same but amore is amore and it keeps me tied to here, I stall as long as he exsists or till I am found by those I have spent over a decade avoiding.

A fool yes I was back then choosing to run then be forced into a marrige with a mare a did not care for just soo my family could inherit the ritches of her family as thers have before them, I have very little feelings or attraction towards mares foolish perhaps considering these times but i can not help that my heart has an apreciation for stallions over mares.

Teh spell fading started by uncovering the Fire Ruby embeded into my horn then my eyes returned to their ruby liek color now finaly my mane has taken back it's fiery hue, I supose I could not be simple Chi-effe forever charles illumine effevescent had to show him self eventualy, I only hope that by some chance my family forgot about me or gave up trying to find me, I like my new life and how ever many few my new friends here.

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