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Character Application: Live "Derp" Bait

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1Character Application: Live "Derp" Bait Empty Character Application: Live "Derp" Bait on Sat Jun 11, 2016 6:56 pm

-NAME: Live "Derp" Bait
-SL LOGIN NAME: Derpanater
-AGE: 32
-LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Common(100%), Low Common(75%), High Northern(25%)
-SPECIES: Unicorn
-CUTIE MARK: A cooking pot with a piece of meat and vegetables laying on either side
-APPEARANCE: Green coat, aquamarine hair, blue eyes, usually seen wearing a dark blue scarf  and a radiation suit with an armored vest but no helmet.
-CHARACTER TAG SKILLS: Small Guns, Speech, Magic: Thaumaturgy
-CHARACTER PERKS - GENERAL: Hunter Killer, Grunt, Tastes Good to Me
-CHARACTER PERKS - RACIAL: Advanced Spells, Jouster, Noble Blooded
-STARTING GEAR: Tier 5 Armor
-BIOGRAPHY, BRIEF HISTORY: From the bosom of an ex-raider and a small town in the Vahoover  area, Live "Derp" Bait is a fun-loving unicorn with simple tastes, and a simple mind. You wouldn't be for off in saying that he acts like a foal, a foal that curses. And like a foal, he has an incredible fondness for toys, dropping almost anything he is doing if he sees one. He is an adventurous type, happily trotting his way to new lands and places he hasn't seen before, sometimes when it's best not to go to such places. Being in the San Palomino Desert is simply another one of his escapades, though what consequences will be brought up from this latest venture is to be seen.

He's credited for being a good cook and a good shot with his rifle, though his knowledge of spells is lacking as he only knows the basic Telekinesis spell.

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2Character Application: Live "Derp" Bait Empty Re: Character Application: Live "Derp" Bait on Sat Jun 11, 2016 9:07 pm


Character Approved 6/11/16
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