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Character Profile: Dominus

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1Character Profile: Dominus Empty Character Profile: Dominus on Sat Jun 11, 2016 12:36 am

Name: Dominus Cognitio
Marrik Milos
Age: 26
Languages Spoken: Common 100%, High Northern 100%
Options: Common, Low Common, Feral, Zebrican, High Northern, Changeling
Gender: Stallion
Species/Race: Unicorn
Note: if your species option is not listed on the perks list, select the closest racial tree.
Cutie Mark (If Applicable): Two Syringes on a shield
Allegiance/Faction (If Applicable): He is aligned with Deadringer and his crew.
Appearance (Image or short description.): Brown coat with dark brown snout and markings on his lower hooves. lavender eyes and a red mane and tail with golden yellow highlights.
Character Tagged Skills : Science, Medicine, Magic: Elementalism
Big Guns, Energy Guns, Explosives, Flight, Magic: Elementalism, Magic: Thaumaturgy, Magic: Healing, Medicine, Melee, Science, Sneak, Small Guns, Speech, Unarmed.
Note: Magic restricted to unicorns.
Character Perks - General: Pharmacist, Fast Metabolism, Grunt
Select 3. Reference: h
Character Perks - Racial: Advanced Spells, Expert Spells, Student of the Followers
Select 3. Reference:
Starting Gear T5 Armor, T0 Ranged, T0 Melee, T0 Special
Armor, Ranged, Melee, and/or Special.
Biography/Brief HistoryName (Character): Dominus Cognitio grew up in a bunker ran by a group called the Crimson Paladins. A group dedicated to bringing back the old world. they offered protection to many towns in there region as well as medicine....food...and other resources. They were able to grow food inside there bunker and manufacture medicine. Those that are born into the Paladins like Dominus are at an early age of about 6 or 7 inducted into training and schooling. once they complete trainign they are placed were they fit best based on there results from training. Dominus was equal amounts of physical talent and mental talent. though he was placed in the Science and medicine division as a medic and researcher while his older brother was placed into the ranks of there main military policing force. Dominus spent a few years in the labs of the bunker aiding fellow scientists in many projects before he was drafted out to start his duty as a field medic were he excelled, saving the lives of many ponies. He developed a since of the ends justify the means. He has a serious and almost racist view of the Paladins sworn enemy  the Steel Rangers...even once going so far as seeing them as not pony at all..but worthless sacks of useful resources for one in his field...such was the case when he knocked out two Rangers that were held prisoner in a camp he was stationed in and taking there blood to give to soldiers of his platoon that needed it. once he was done..he brutal beat them to death with a barbed wire wrapped bat until there heads were nothing but bloody pulp. Years later...he would live out the worst day of his life..the day the STeel Rangers attacked the bunker he called home in great force killing everyone around him....he ran and escaped...but those inside were not so lucky...he no stands as the last of the Crimson Paladins...to forever live in shame of his cowardice..thus he developed a natural hate for cowardly ponies later on. He arrived in Roanoak and met up with his now best friend Deadringer and joined his rag tag group of heroes in hopes of doing some good in this world again...and deep down..amending for the sins he committed.

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