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Molotov/Jessedo/Duals's character journals

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1Molotov/Jessedo/Duals's character journals  Empty Molotov/Jessedo/Duals's character journals on Mon Jun 06, 2016 5:50 pm

(This forum shall be for Molotov, Jessedo and Duals's journal entries to make it easier then three separate forums.)

Molotov's journal is water damaged book with a few burn marks on the front and back of the book. The book itself smells of ash.

Jessedo's journal is a decent kept book with a picture of a bear drawn on the front.

Duals's journal is a recording device given to her back when she was still in her hive,meant to be used to take notes. It is recorded in changeling.

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(The writing is sightly messy.)
Sweet baby of Luna! Where are they? Jess and Star left Wednesday night. They said they would be back as soon as they found what they needed but here it is 5 days later and no sign of them. I should go look for them but I can barely write this. I wish I didn't get sick like this. Between the coughing and sneezing, my chest feels like a deathclaw's sitting on it. I'll get them one more day before I gear up.

(The writing is that of a five year old learning how to write.)

(The recording has the faint sounds of a fire going and what sounds like spritebots flying around.)
This is Duals. I am currently at my camp site with Jessedo, Beeps and Freddy. We are on our way back to the hotel. Jessedo and I went out in search for medicine for Molotov. It turns out that she's allergic to my sun burn lotion. Poor thing was hacking up a lung when we were getting ready to leave. I'm still surprised she didn't show signs of any of stuff until this past Wednesday afternoon. We were all sitting in the room,unpacking when she fell over. Jessedo rushed her to the bed and took her clothes off. That was when we saw the hives on her front hooves. Sadly either Jessedo or I had what we needed to help her, only stuff to ease the pain and seeing as we don't know any other medics in the hotel, we set out for a trip to find some. Molotov tried to come with but we talked her into staying, but I had to take Beeps with us. I felt bad about taking her spritebot but it was the only way she would let us leave without her. Jessedo asked a zebra to watch over her while we were gone. He felt like he knew Molo so I didn't try and stop her.

Once we were on the road, we moved quickly. We made our way to the near by town. It was crawling with radroaches. I was able to snipe a good amount of them before we entered the town. While in town, it took us a while to find anything of use. Jessedo found parts for a battle saddle and a shotgun that needs a good cleaning with ammo. Pretty much raiders were there at some point cause there was dead ponies on poles and chained up. After looking all over that town, we headed to the next one because we couldn't find any medicine. ( A loud intake of air then a slow out take could be hear.) Getting there was a pain in the ass. Being Star Charmer,being the wagon was not the best idea but I couldn't change in front of Jessedo. I couldn't risk her telling Molotov...But I had to.

After we got to the next town, it was quiet. We were able to find what we needed then set up camp for the night but the raiders that I was pretty sure stayed in the first town showed up. I shifted to Sapphire Needle,threw Jessedo in the wagon and made a bee line out of there. Jessedo and the spritebots were able to lay down enough fire for us to get out of there. Because of the raiders, we took the long way back to the hotel. We set up camp and I told Jessedo about me. The changeling me and my ties to Molotov. It seemed she had to no idea who or what I was but she said she wouldn't tell Molotov about me. Let's hope she's true to her word.

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