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Adventure Guidelines

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"I ran my tongue along my teeth, spitting out grit and blood, washing down the rest with the swill afforded from the saloon's shifty bartender. The Caravan had set up for the night here, for a spell. Not like we could go much further after raiders killed the pack Brahmin, Bessie. Tilting the brim of your hat over your eyes, you regarded your bottle with reverence while the hollering from a room upstairs grew in volume. With a sudden crash, somewhere, a door flew open and another soon followed as one of your employer's unconscious body crashed through your table, having been tossed from the balcony upstairs. He was a fey, spritely unicorn, not built for fighting, but the pay was nice, and so was he. Grunting in annoyance, you rose from your seat just as the foolish brute that had accosted your boss announced himself from the broken railing. "That's what you get, you disgustin' lil colt cuddler! I aughtta do worse!" He was a burly, thick, black coated Earth Stallion with heavy brows the bunched up the flesh right between his eyes. A perfect place for the tip of a bullet to nestle, mine in particular. I drew iron with tempered patience and cocked the hammer back and it flew forward like a striking rattlesnake...

Hell, like I said, the stallion's nice enough, and so's the pay. That qualifies as a good pony in my book, and me? I can appreciate a good thing. Good things like collecting the belongings of the black stallion that just threatened the purse strings. Just more perks of the job, I guess."

There are three types of "Adventures"

Personal Adventures:
You set an objective for yourself - something that your character desires to achieve, such as translating a tome or exploring a new location. Perhaps even make a map of the whole known world?
"My eyes scanned the page, bathed only by the light of a flickering lantern. It was hard to discern anything from the blood-stained pages of my late father's journal, hoping to find some context or clue I've over-looked. I cursed under my breath, rubbing my sore and tired eyes with a hoof, mopping the sweat from my brow with a dusty fetlock. The ledger was indecipherable, I could barely make out my sister's name, let alone how much she fetched at the auction. such a graceful, frail thing wouldn't last long in such a state, but she'd already outlived our late father, I'd made sure. Perhaps doing so had doomed her, my only hope was to find a unicorn Cantrip specialist to restore the book, and then, maybe I had a shot at seeing her again. tossing the book onto the heap of my things, I killed the light on my lantern and laid down to rest. Tomorrow was another day, and hopefully, it would be another day closer to reuniting with my kin..."

Hosted Adventures:
A Mission created by another player for others to partake, like a job protecting a Caravan on a journey or hunting down a dangerous bounty. These require approval, and come with the chance of loot, combat, creative solutions, and puzzles. Creativity is encouraged for these missions, as they recall the old days of DnD, sitting down with friends to plunder a dungeon or save the family farm. These are far more complex and require knowledge of the system as well as the ability to control the breathing world around the Players engaged in your Adventure.
"The settlement is in ruins, and lumber to rebuild is scarce, living in the desert. The town's mayor, Mr. Quickquil is offering 350 Caps per pony that assists in clearing out and restoring the machinery at a lumber mill up river. It seems like just the job for a small group of Wastelanders, question is, who is going to take it? And in the end, will it be worth the caps you're being paid?"

Grand Adventures
These are Adventures hosted by staff, offering the highest rewards, but the highest risk of failure.

What Makes A Good Adventure?

  • Quality Roleplay
  • Good Storytelling
  • Creative Solutions
  • Involves Others
  • Conflict (Not necessarily combat)
  • Part of an Arc (A series of Adventures)

Adventures do not need to have all of these parts, but those with the highest rewards will. An Adventure about a personal journey is fine, but you won't get a large reward.

The goal is to encourage people to think about new ways to earn character progression (Caps or gear) by doing really cool and interesting roleplay, rather than just going out into the wastes and trying to find loot from nodes. How you are rewarded depends on the Adventure type, Personal Adventures pay out at the conclusion of the story, and anypony that assisted you will be eligible for reward. Hosted Adventures have the chance for much higher pay-outs, and Hosts are encouraged to get Administration involved to hide small rewards along the way(Place loot boxes in areas following the path of the adventure, or even behind puzzles), ending in a larger reward at the conclusion.

Rewards are at the discretion of the Administration, not the Hosts, unless the Hosts are also Admin.

Note: Hosts may bend or "Flex-In" some rules for the purpose of the Adventure, such as allowing the party to heal between engagements, or introducing temporary mechanics specific to an encounter. Our only request is that you be fair with these adaptations to the rules, and make sure everyone understands and agrees. The purpose of the system is to allow a solid base-plate to stand on, but flexibility can always be afforded. It's impossible to write a rule for every situation, so please use common sense and come to an agreement on how something should function. When in doubt, contact Administration.

Examples of Flexed-in Rules:
NPC Monsters always go at the top of initiative.
Certain items/attacks having reduced effectiveness against certain monsters.
Fear effects causing negatives to rolls for "Horror" adventures to encourage fleeing and avoiding combat.
Changes to "Strength" or "Knowledge" checks requiring a certain tagged skill or perk.

If a Flexed-In Mechanic is well liked, and functions well with the system, feel free to suggest it as a potential balance change under the "Miscellaneous" Forum Category.

When You Are Rewarded
When you have completed your mission, edit your post here saying so. At that point it will be reviewed by the admins, and a reward will be decided.
You can be rewarded throughout the adventure; it is generally recommended to have an Administrator there during your adventure to hide items at key points during the Adventure, and then provided a Loot Chest at the conclusion as reward. If you are unable to get the attention of the Admin, or, you want to have an Adventure without loot strewn through-out, you can opt out and instead offer a cap reward at Adventure's end. The amount of cap reward must be reasonable, and if we feel it is not, we will lower it.

Please, if an Admin was not present for the Adventure, save the RP, or, at least some choice scenes displaying creative roleplay and solutions. The more inspired the RP, the more heartwrenching the drama, the higher the reward (In addition to whatever you wanted to offer). Failure to submit any part of the RP from your Adventure will result in very sad Admin that have to ask people in your Adventure what happened, this may result in sad panda images as your only reward.

And don't forget: a failed Adventure is still "completed"!

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2Adventure Guidelines Empty BALANCE on Tue Nov 29, 2016 9:25 pm


On Balance!

Balance is very important--Do not place your players in a situation where they cannot win! Sure, they can lose, but never put them up against odds that utterly favor the victors being the NPCs (unless that's a plot point and they should flee)

Here's a handy reference Guide to keep things Balanced.

  • Party of mostly 1-10, NPCs should be no higher than level 10, have 1-3 Perks, and one tagged skill.
  • Party of mostly 11-20, NPCs should be no higher than 20, have 4-6 Perks, and two tagged skills.
  • Party of mostly 20-30, NPCs should be no higher than 30, have 7-8 Perks, and three tagged skills.
  • Party of 30+, NPCs should be 30+ have 8 Perks, have 8 Perks, and three tagged skills.

Start your mobs at the low end. For every player, add a level. For ever Mob on the field, subtract a level. A party of five level 5s could feasibly fight a single level 10 ghoul, but you could instead have three level 7 ghouls and the battle would be possible and challenging as well.

Think theme, style, and focus of the opponents fighting the party. Are they mindless? Can they be made afraid and flee? Is their goal to kill or force the party to flee or surrender? Can the fight be stopped with a Speech check from the Speech based character in the party? Are there environmental traps or hazards? How does it tie in with the mission/adventure/random encounter?

Remember, not all missions will have the solution of combat, nor will adventures or Random Encounters. Keep things varied and interesting for those you're playing the scenario for.

Do not be a Dick!


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