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character profille: Snow drift

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1 character profille: Snow drift on Tue May 31, 2016 9:04 pm

Name snow drift
SL streephan
Age unknown
Languages Spoken: Common 100% , Feral 100%
Gender: Mare
Pegasus ghoul
Cutie Mark : a drifting snow flake
Allegiance/Faction N/A
Appearance a tall off white Pegasus littered with patches of burnt flesh,one of her wings are snapped off half way down the other seems relatively in tact, with patches of both fur and flesh missing from her body to reveal bones and tissue.
Character Tagged Skills Stealth, Melee,Unarmed.
Character Perks - General
Flail Master
Tribal Warrior
Character Perks - Racial
Feral Instinct
Past Life: - Panache
Friends With Benefits
Starting Gear (Maximum of 5 points worth.)
5 Armor, 4 Ranged, 4 Melee, 3 Special.
Biography/Brief History

Born in the northern mountains of Equestria in the Hoofwel military base she never had much of a foal hood or a life as it came to be raised from a young age to serve the enclave unquestioningly and did just that, told her one purpose was to serve  her commandeers to whom ever she was assigned to as recon and recovery division.

She never knew what family was, nor love/ affection as her life was a brutal regiment of conditioning and brain washing to just do as told and not speak less spoken to.

Her final charge was to guard an enclave prisoner a Dashite who was to be sentenced to death if the unfortunate circumstances that led to her rebirth had not came to pass.

The mare she had came to guard was not like many prisoners she has encountered before, she showed traits beyond that of most ground born or ground loving Pegasus she had seen, many only caring for them selves or their own well being, this one only cared for a son she barely even knew, her only wish was not to escape but to just get to say good bye, to hold him one last time.

The mares actions and words over time began to wear on Drift unlocking a part of her the Enclave had long since buried away through conditioning and brain washing, she began to think to feel to act like a normal pony, she growing attached to this mare who she came to know as yellow heart, who only cared for others and not her own well being.

One day bad news reached the airship the dormant mega spell bomb sat atop near by ley lines was deteriorating and the resulting explosion should it break would be unstoppable, the Enclave began preparations to  move the ship to a safe enough distance from the blast, but Snow refused to leave Yellow heart to her fate, a mare who had gave her back what the Enclave had stole through years of conditioning, with out her last wish, even if it meant becoming a Dashite herself, she went against orders detaching the prison capsule from the main ship while they were busy preparing to depart and flying in the opposite direction of the air ships heading / in the direction the towns ponies where heading.

Chased by angry Enclave she kept going till blasted out the sky  by a huge rotted Draghoul with balefire breath, she awoke in the desolate city of Rock bottom in a puddle of radiation, she knew something was wrong with her but only cared for her last mission, protecting Yellow heart and bringing her back to her son, with no other purpose she would serve that mare and any allies she made till her new unnatural life came to an end.

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