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Character profile: Bulls Eye

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1 Character profile: Bulls Eye on Sat May 28, 2016 4:08 pm

Character name: Bulls Eye

SL Login Name: Drogoth63

Age: 20

Languages Spoken: 100% Common

Gender: Male

Species/Race: Earth pony

Cutie Mark: A Crosshair with an eye overlapping it followed with a red X over the eye

Allegiance/Faction: Former Bureau, The welcoming party and friendly with OSB.

Appearance: A taller than average stallion with a brown coat followed with a black mane and tail, both rugged and light blue eyes. Wears a white shirt with a pair of blue jeans as under clothing; Has a western style armored Duster coat with a armor harness overlapping it and a stetson(cowpony hat), finally with a red cybernetic limb prosthetic.

Character Tagged Skills: Small Guns, Melee, Science.

Character Perks - General:
1.Armed and Dangerous

Character Perks - Racial
1.Way of the fruit.
2.Steady grip

Starting/pre-existing Gear
T5 Armor: Armored Duster coat and Armor harness.
T5 Ranged: Fathers custom made .44 magnum Revolver.
T4 Melee: Sharpened Bowie Knife.
T3 Special: Red Cybernetic limb replacement.

Biography/Brief History:
During the fall of Morning Light, Bulls seeing the whole war go down he snapped when all of his life work had gone up into flames. So he went for the unfinished suit of Power Armor and struggled both against the faulty systems as well as an attempt to find a way to save Yellow Heart, he had also been saving others along the way as he fought hard against the competitors of the warzone. Bulls suffered greatly during his foolish and desperate struggle, he would've made it to the ship but with all the blood coating the inside of his armor he could not see; And worst of all, his suit had abruptly lost power in the midst of the battle. Left as a metal doll helpless in the middle of the battlefield, he would have finally died there bleeding out in a cold metal coffin, it would've been the end that his story would have ended on a sad note; But his friends had found the dying pony and gone to pull him away from the dark hellish battlefield that went on around him and brought him into the hot sweltering light. For several days he could not see or hear anything that happened around him, all he remembered is that he thought of himself dead in the dark cold abyss of the battlefield and then that he had just been brought back as a Revenant into the uncomfortable hot light that shone over the San Palomino desert.

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2 Re: Character profile: Bulls Eye on Sat May 28, 2016 7:24 pm


Character approved 5/28/16.
Data Updated to Database.

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