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Character Profile: Lunar Symphony

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1 Character Profile: Lunar Symphony on Sat May 28, 2016 4:43 am

Name (Character)
SL Login Name
Languages Spoken
Options: Common100%, Feral100%, Zebrican100% , High Northern 100%, Changeling 75%
Gender Mare
Species/Race Bat Pony
Cutie Mark
Allegiance/Faction N/A
Appearance a dusty blue coated mare with deep blue eyes and dusty blue mane/ tail taller the average ponies.
Character Tagged Skills Flight, Melee, Speech
Character Perks - General
•Hunter-Killer:(+5) hit chance (all weapon types).

language tutor:Character with this perk may teach other players any language they have mastered. Condition: one session per character per day, 5% proficiency per session, session must be roleplayed and logged.

•flail master:(+1) damage (melee), but you suffer a (-10) chance to hit targets when using melee.

Character Perks - Racial
•Dental Aid: (+1) damage when using melee. Condition: does not stack with Tribal Warrior

•Nocturnal:(+5) hit chance in darkness.

•Night song (Screech): Once per battle, you may force a stun check. Players must roll higher than you to avoid being forced to skip their next attack.

Starting Gear 5 Melee

Biography/Brief History

Born in a bat pony only stable funded and overseen from outside by pricness luna before her death the night castle stable located on a small island to the north  west of  rainbow falls lunar led a life treated like some conditioned and primped savior by a group of desperate ponies waiting for their princess's return she was trained in  sword art, linquistics and negotiation as well as vocal and instrumental music performance.

upon her sixteenth birthday she was to be moved to the adult  quarters but in order to do so due to her size and importance to htep onies their they were willing to exile two ponies one of wich had onyl been moved there a week earlier.

learning the trueth of their fate she refused to see two lives wastes for her one she knowing lacking the sort of care nad trainign she had theyd not survive long outside the island so she packed up her belongings what she could carry and much to the stables dismay left to face the world outside.

over the years she stopped in many places like the show streets of diamond city and the old transport trails she gaining and loosing many friends including  an albino sand dog b y the name of ghost with a love of music and a  tallent for violin/ fiddle playing, sadly she was sepereated from ghost after just a short few tears together  not knowing if he survived or not she heading on south  down the trail with just his old violin to remeber him by.

years later she settled in a small canyon town that soon fell to its own disharmony and hatred forcing her nad many other residents to flee to a near by abandoned city and start over, while in the city she gained a new love and home as well as multiple friends but as the wastes tends to do soo cruely it couldent last she seperated again from her loved ones and those she cared for and knew wandering back north looking for hope for salvation in the desert heat not knowing that some she once knew had already headed that way and made base, now all that remains is picking up the peices of yet another heart break from the loss of her home and most her friends some part of her hoppign to reunite with them some day.

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2 Re: Character Profile: Lunar Symphony on Fri Jun 10, 2016 3:49 am


Character Approved 6/10/2016
Database Updated

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