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character Profille: Pup

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1 character Profille: Pup on Sat May 28, 2016 12:54 am

Name (Character) Pup
   SL Login Name Strepehan
   Age: 12
   Languages Spoken
   Options: Common, Low Common
   Species/Race Sand dog
   Cutie Mark N/A
   Allegiance/Faction N/A
   Appearance :
a small runt of a sand dog loks to be about  6 or seven much younger then her actual age due to her size and build she has black and  white patched fur and blue    eyes with a small fur hawk on her head, her lower legs are replaced by robotic limbs with blades for claws and is always seen with a large tech/ junk filled back pack,two rusty tech power gauntlets and a tech visor / armor. in a sort of tattered charred buisness suit.
   Character Tagged Skills Energy Guns, Medicine, Science
   Character Perks - General
   Field Medic: When utilizing a medical skill that requires AP, roll d100: if you roll 50 or higher, deduct one less AP than would have normally been expended. If you roll 90 or above,  half the amount of AP that would have normally been expended. If you roll a critical, expend no AP.

Magitechnologist: You receive (3) points to spend in the science tree for the purposes of unlocking skills.

Grunt: (+1) damage when utilizing ranged weapons. This does not count for spell damage.

   Character Perks - Racial
   Juggerpony: (+3) to HP capacity if below or at level 15, (+5) if above level 15.

Healing of the Mother Earth : (+3) increase to the amount of HP restored when you heal others.

Way of the Fruit:
Once per scene (combat or otherwise): consume or feed another player delicious vittles for (+3) HP.

   Starting Gear
   5 armor
   Biography/Brief History
born in the far north some where off the far reaches of the crystal empire where the land is still wild pup grew up with a small pack of subteranian sand dogs but as the runt of the litter was often pushed asside and forgoton, but where she lackedi n strengh she madeu p for in speed and smarts using machines to conquer her short commings, one day when out looking for junk to tinker with a large explosion went off in the snow when she awake all the other dogs had fled and she was left to wander alone, many years past and she wandered from the ocld of the bnorth down to the heats of the deserts  gettign rides form ponies kind enough to trade jobs done for tranportation and food, till she came across a small town and madem nay friends, but the town soon fell to the wastes and many had to flee to the big city, the city was a scary place for pup where above gorund was safer then below and she felt small and laone that is untill on odd ally appeare aproucing her one day a strange  robotic pony   came oth er offerign her work and a home adopting her as pert of his family. sadly the city did not last and now she  was forced to head out into the dessert heat once again .

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